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 Jason vs Diamond Cage

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PostSubject: Jason vs Diamond Cage   Thu Jun 06, 2013 10:07 pm

OOC: Sorry for inactiveness, I will be active starting next week. Figured I would slap together a quick promo.

**Jason is seen in the gym.**

THATS IT! No MORE LOSING! For now on the words loss, lose, failed or losing are not in my vocabulary. I am not one hundred percent focused on this. This week on the NWF House Show I am facing Diamond Cage. Has this guy been relevant at all this year? The last thing I heard about this guy was around two thousand eleven to two thousand twelve and since then his career has taken a nose dive. He is entering a downward spiral that will only continue this Saturday. He has hit rock bottom and will never get up. This will just be the one final confirmation. They call me skilled for a reason. Trust me, you will just be another name on the list of losers. This weekend you better get your hospital bed ready because after our match you will never get up.

** Jason starts jogging.**

I am the greatest wrestler in the past decade, im a pure wrestler, a brawler and a high flyer, I am the perfect hybrid athlete, groomed for success and starting this week success is all I will be tasting. DC you better get skilled or prepare to get skilled.

**Jason signs out of the gym and leaves as the screen fades to black.**
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Jason vs Diamond Cage
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