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 Prime Time: Change

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PostSubject: Prime Time: Change   Tue Jun 04, 2013 3:16 pm

It’s 7pm on Tuesday evening and Punisher is pacing around the locker room at a house show in his home in town in Miami, Florida. He stop suddenly, glancing at the camera and shaking his head before continuing to pace from side of the room to other, his demeanour make it seem that he is stressed.
You all want to know what the big problem is, you all want to mock me and tell me I can’t achieve the things I am destined for. Well no more will I stand by and let people take the piss out of me. Last week I used every ounce to get myself up out of bed to come bust my ass off for this company and when my match day comes I don’t get the chance to destroy another big mouth. What is the point in being here at a company that can even put a show together? You see, I have a passion for this company and I don’t like to see it suffer, I don’t why I enjoy this place so much, but things are starting to get on my nerves, from the roster to the top dogs on the board. NWF is continually made a laughing stock by all these new guys that come in, take a back seat and do nothing but laze around n drink booze.

Things have to change, I regret saying this, but I think it’s time some old face made an appearance to the company which created them and made them successful. This weekend I will be up against another man I have no Idea of and like my past opponents he will suffer my problems, he will be witness to my demons when I rip his head off his shoulders because I have put up with this shit for fat to long and I’m not going to see NWF slide out of business again.

Gold seems to long away, we need me as the champion right now and we need me to lead this company to the Promised Land. I am the only man capable of carrying that burden on my shoulders, hell I have carried NWF for a year and a half. I know what it takes get things which seem out of reach because I have a winning mentality, it’s about time NWF learned how to get one because every week we are losing in the ratings by a large margin and I know NWF can do better. So if you’re listening Tougie, why don’t you call up your contacts and get something done.

Make it happen Tougie, or I am GONE….

Punisher turns away from the camera and heads out the locker room door, slamming it behind him as the scene fades to commercials.
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Prime Time: Change
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