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 Primetime promo from last week

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PostSubject: Primetime promo from last week   Mon Jun 03, 2013 12:21 am

I don’t usually like to brag, but last week I exceeded everyone’s expectations and defeated a veteran. The fight to be solidified as the image of NWF has begun, all of us have embarked on a quest for greatness. Everybody wants to seize the throne. Everybody seeks supremacy as the NWF champion, but the fact is only one of us can ascend to greater heights and become the leader of the new age and that man is me. A new age is precisely what I represent. NWF needs me. NWF needs someone who knows what the people want. They’re sick and tired of the same old crap. They don’t want dance or karaoke contests. They don’t want entertainment. They want a change. They strongly desire to see PURE PRO WRESTLING. And that change is in the process of being materialized. Last week I beat a man nobody ever even thought could possibly be beaten and I showcased my talent in a way I never have before. I proved exactly why I am considered one of the best wrestlers in the world right now. I’m not entirely sure what the higher ops’ opinion on my performance is but regardless what they think about or what they have planned for me I will continue to do what they want me to, I will continue to deliver the people what they want. I’ll not be manipulated by those who have power. I’m not a modern day rebel or anything similar. I’m just not as idiotic as most of the guys in the back are. I refuse to do what I am told to, I don’t take orders from anyone, I am NOBODY’s bitch. One person who seems to be a bitch though … is Chris Anderson. He recently came out here and moaned and complained about how he supposedly didn’t lose fairly. Christopher, a loss is a loss. I’ve suffered many losses in my career probably just as much as victories, but truth be told victories haven’t made me the man and the accomplished wrestler I am today, losses have. Every time I fall I get up and I excel, I evolve. Seemingly the only notable transformation you experienced after your loss is a sex change because you’ve been constantly complaining like a little girl ever since. Chris Anderson and pretty much everyone in NWF have selfish desires. They want the NWF championship for self-fulfillment. Chris Anderson’s ego is big enough already. If he gets a grasp of world championship gold he probably won’t ever shut up. He said that I am not worth his time. And I find those remarks extremely hilarious because last week I WON my match and he LOST his, who isn’t really worth of who’s time? You know, Adam Jackson thought I wasn’t worth his time too and look what happened, Chris… Maybe your enormous ego is the reason why you have been unsuccessful lately. You’re over confident, you think you deserve the world just because your name is Chris Anderson. Pretty original name by the way never seen a Chris before in NWF…

You’re obviously underestimating my capability, but I won’t underestimate you because you did. Admittedly, you’re a great wrestler and you can probably establish dominance over me, but I assure you it won’t be easy. Before you manage to beat me you’re going to have to figure out an intelligent way to stop me first. And based on your statement you’re completely unfamiliar with the word “intelligence”… I don’t EVER doubt my opponent’s odds of being successful. The fact of the matter is we both have what it takes to walk out of Primetime victorious. The fans were eager to see your match, but I know them perfectly well just as well as I know myself and they weren’t glued to their seats because they wanted to see Chris Anderson. They paid to see guys like Jacob Moore. Jacob Moore has been in this business for such a long time. He has worked his ass of harder than a lot of people here including you, Chris, but despite that and despite the fact the fans love him he always gets blown off and overlooked by the corporate suits. I can change that though and I will. The change started last week. And you will be part of it, Chris after I beat you, you will have no option but to go back to being the “Funkasaurus” because you will feel so humiliated you won’t longer want to be Chris Anderson again. You won’t forget my name, you will learn the lesson. DO NOT underestimate adversity even if they lack strength or faculty. Everything you achieved in the past has no meaning whatsoever today. The future is what matters and my future is as bright as the sun, Chris. You thought my win over Adam Jackson last week as an “impact”? Just wait until Prime time. I guarantee that you will be even more astonished by the outcome of our match. You labeled me the future of this company and then you contradicted yourself by calling my career a “failure”. You clearly have no clue what you’re saying. I was just signed to my NWF contract and I WON my first and only match so far in NWF. If anything my career is a success. Win after win after win in the independent circuit and now a huge win in the big leagues and this weekend when we meet I will live yet another glorious moment in my career.

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Primetime promo from last week
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