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 I need more hurt Primetime

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PostSubject: I need more hurt Primetime   Sat Jun 01, 2013 12:00 pm

Scene opens with Troy Melendez standing beside Jason Douglas after a match he had at a NWF house show. Troy goes to introduce Jason but he cuts him off.

Jason: Don't speak, just hold the microphone there or I will detach you limb from limb. It's simple Dracule Mihawk calls me out on the way to gold, hmph, good. That means that my presence is being felt and being made known to everyone. A former World champion, who cares, I am here for the purpose of hurting. Why not grab the gold and stand on top of the mountain as I destroy all the punks in my way. Punisher, you bring the hurt and I like that, with that said don't get in my way either because it will not be a good day for one of us. Now back to the business at hand. Dracule I could stand out here and tell you what I want to do and how I'm going to do it but I'm not, that's not my style. What I will say is simply prepare for hurt.....And.....

Jason sees someone in the distance and stops the interview knocking over Troy and the cameraman, the camera gets up and runs over to where Jason is and he is standing face to face with his brother Ken Douglas. Punisher walks by and sees the two men and takes a place behind Jason staring at Ken.

Ken: Punisher, Bro it has been awhile. Look at you Jason, all grown up and following me in to the wrestling business.

....give me one good reason why shouldn't take you head off your shoulders right now.

Because I was invited to watch you at this house show and I am really impressed with what I've seen.

I don't care what your impressed with, I don't even want to know you live. and I don't care if you where invited bought a damn ticket or just showed up hoping to make amends, I am done with you.

Jason walks by brushing shoulders with his brother as Punisher just stands there.

You can't just walk away from family.

Your right.

Jason runs back and punches his brother right in the face. They rumble around until punisher and some other wrestlers break them up.


Jason pulls away from those holding him back and as Ken walks off Jason looks over at Punisher and then walks off himself mumbling. The scene fades and after another house show match goes back to Jason now in his dressing room with a man in a suit.

This is bull&*^^, I don't care what you have to do but get Ken some tickets to Primetime and match sure they're in the front row, and if you can't I'll fire you and find a new agent.

The agent leaves and Jason's cell phone rings.

Look I don't know who he thinks he is but he is making this worst for the people I have to step into the ring with. NO HE WILL SEE DRACULE BLEED! Hold on.....

Jason literally Kicks the cameraman out and slams the door. Ending the Scene.

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I need more hurt Primetime
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