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 Prime Time: Demon

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PostSubject: Prime Time: Demon   Fri May 31, 2013 11:36 am

I knew you would have some smart ass comments to make Chambers, listen to yourself, you’re so far away from reality, and you make Charles Manson look sane. You see, Chambers, it doesn’t matter if you are new or not. All that matters is I know I am a better fighter than you. Sure you may be good using your mouth, but when it comes to competing against a man like me all that mouth does is get smacked with my size 15 boots.

Roderick is yet another nobody to me Chambers, so continually talking about beating him is nothing more than fear. You are worried about getting in this ring with an animal like me; I can see it in your eyes when you speak. NWF’s destiny lies in my hands Sean and you will make not harm my goal at receiving my title. Let be honest for a second though, I know you will win championships, but at this very moment Sean, your life could not be worse. I’m sure you know what happens to an animal that has just been released from its cage. It leave a trail of blood and devastation, this is what NWF’s immediate future holds. I have gone on an almighty unbeaten run before by leaving people unable to wrestle and I will do this again.

You will be the first victim of my torture Sean, you will scream in pain for help, you will scream for your sorry sidekick Mia with tears streaming down your face, you will beg me for forgiveness and I will refuse. You have shown me nothing but a lack of respect and for this you will suffer the severe consequences. I am sick of tired of all these cocky, arrogant newbies thinking they’re gods given talent, when the truth is they are nothing but cowards who can only talk a good game. Your NWF career may have just ended this weekend as soon as it’s begun Chamber’s. I just hope for your sake, you are prepared for the longest, most excruciating pain you have ever felt.

No one can stop me Chambers, not you, Jacob Steele, Chris Anderson or any of the other talentless individual’s backstage. You will see why I am the most dominant man in all of E-feding, you will witness the unthinkable when you feel my power, and you will see why I am NWF’s very on demon. I am here to take control of this company and lead it to my promised land. We are two months away from realising my dream Chambers, so after I destroy you this weekend, make sure you mark Gold down on your calendar because it will be a celebration as I lead NWF into a new dawn.
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Prime Time: Demon
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