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 Shatter Bones / Like A Fire

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PostSubject: Shatter Bones / Like A Fire   Wed May 29, 2013 2:19 pm

The scene opens up to a mall. The mall is filled with people of all creeds and colors. As the camera looks around, it shows many people going into many store; all of them unaware they are being filmed. After a few seconds of seeing the mall, the camera does a swift 180 spin. Standing in front of the arches of a Hot Topic is Nathaniel Paradise. He is looking dead into the camera as the world around him continues to move. Some people stop and stare, others continue on with their day. Nathaniel is wearing a black jacket, barely zipped up at all, with no under shirt. He is wearing tight black jeans with a pair of Toms on. In his hand is a bottle of Jack Daniels. He takes a large swig of the bottle. He continues to look into the camera until finally, he says…

::Nathaniel Paradise::
“Have you ever been so angry that bringing down the entire world did not seem like enough of a punishment? Have you ever been so aggravated that you felt like you could break the sound barrier with your rage? Have you ever been so pissed that revenge is simply not enough?”

Nathaniel cracks a smile and begins to giggle a bit.

::Nathaniel Paradise::
“Well I have. And let me tell you something, citizens of Paradise City, it feels so good. You see, last week on Prime Time, I was placed into a match that saw me and Takeru Naito take on the team of Justin Studd and Scott Davis Helmsley. In that match, Justin Studd got a lucky win on me. I’m not gonna call it anything but that. The kid got lucky and that was that. I can deal with people getting lucky, because when I was just starting, I got lucky more times than not.”

Nathaniel Paradise then takes a large drink from his bottle without taking his eyes off the camera. His smile is all but gone.

::Nathaniel Paradise::
“But then, some jackass punk thought it was a good idea to run his mouth. The same cat that tasted my mean, old European Uppercut. The same cat that I and that Asian loser kicked the crap out of before Justin Studd caught me off guard. This guy has the audacity to get up and cut a promo on how he kicked my ass? This guy has the balls to step to NWF’s Deadly Drunkard?”

Nathaniel Paradise begins to full heartedly laugh.

::Nathaniel Paradise::
“Well good for you, SDH. You have awakened Shatter Bones, and that means that your time in NWF is coming to a close here real soon. I will stalk you. Challenge you to matches. Create situations where you and I are in the same room, even! And when I get my hands on you, I am not only going to break your bones, but I am going to break your spirit, son. By the time I am done with you, the last thing that you will want to do is be a professional wrestler. I will become the monster underneath your bed. And at any chance I get, I will do all in my power to injure, to hurt, and to make you quit.”

Nathaniel takes a drink of his Jack and looks around for a bit before returning his eyes to the camera.

::Nathaniel Paradise::
“Luckily for me, on the next episode of Prime Time, the New-Age Wrestling Federation power that be have placed me into a triple threat match with Sean David Helmsley and a guy named Michael Mavia. Now I have looked into Michael Mavia. I like him. He is a good dude. Hopefully we can grab some coffee sometime and talk about how we plan on taking over the world.”

Nathaniel flashes a pure white smile and takes another sip of his alcohol.

::Nathaniel Paradise::
“It’s a real shame that I have to meet him on such unfortunate circumstances because in any other situation, I’m sure we would come out of it as friends. The guy has some skill. On the last episode of Prime Time, he lost his tag match. However, I always believed that some people are made for singles competition; others are made for tag-teaming. This guy may be very good at being a singles wrestler. But he still isn’t going to win. You want to know why?”

Nathaniel leans in real close to the camera, as if to tell it a secret.

::Nathaniel Paradise::
“I am.”

Paradise leans back a gives a chuckle as he lifts his bottle up to his lips to take another drink. He tilts the bottle back and finishes the rest of the contents. He throws the bottle into the trash can to his right and looks back at the camera.

::Nathaniel Paradise::
“You see, while I fell last week on Prime Time, I am still the master of drunken wrestling. I am still going to murder SDH. I am still going to break Mavia. I am still going to go onto Gold with the most points. And I am still going to be your NWF World Champion. I refuse to fall short of my golden goal. I am going to rape NWF of what it once was, and when I do, New-Era Wrestling Federation will turn into Paradise’s Playground. I will create a new age in professional wrestling via taking over NWF will little to no resistance, whatsoever. The history books will state my dominance. And, what a treat for you! You all get to witness the beginning and the end of an era. You will all get to tell your kids that you were there for the start of Paradise’s rise to the top of the mountain. And, luckily for Sean David Helmsley and Mikey Mavia, they get to be a part of my page on Wikipedia! I am going to make them famous! They will forever be remembered as the first stepping stones in NWF getting taken over by a wildfire!”

Nathaniel Paradise cools down and takes a step back. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out his trusty flask. At this point in time, most of the mall is looking at him, as they are caught up in the moment they were witnessing. Paradise opens the flask and lifts it up…

::Nathaniel Paradise::
“We all know what happens to fire if you add alcohol, right?”

Nathaniel takes a drink of the flask as he walks away from the scene. The people at the mall are all left stunned by what just took place. The camera fades to black as the mall slowly returns to normal.


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Shatter Bones / Like A Fire
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