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 Prime Time I: Always A Step Ahead

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Jacob Steele


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PostSubject: Prime Time I: Always A Step Ahead   Tue May 28, 2013 5:56 pm

The scene fades in to Jacob Steele standing in the middle of the NWF Ring at the 1st Mariners Center in Baltimore, Maryland, the arena hosting the next NWF Show, Prime Time. He's wearing a white tank top, dark blue jeans, ankle high white socks, and a pair of black, blue, and white Air Max's. He's looking around at the arena, as the camera is slowly zooming in closer.

Always A Step Ahead | Jacob Steele
Prime Time was a great success for me this past week. Not only did I take the win and gain two points on the Road To Gold, I made a statement to both Chris Anderson and Jacob Moore. They both got hit with The Final Judgement, and Anderson got a taste of The Apocalypse. Not to mention the showing I was putting up during the whole match. It's been a long time coming for me. I'm pretty sure with the statement I made last week, everyone will know it's not going to be an exciting night if they're put in a match with me. Unfortunately for Jacob Moore, he has me for a second week in a row. This time, it's just us two. It's so good to be back.

Jacob walks over to the turnbuckle, climbs on top, and sits down.

Always A Step Ahead | Jacob Steele
As you might know, we are on the Road To Gold. A win is plus two points, a loss is minus one point, and a draw is minus two points. After winning my triple threat match last week, I'm at the #1 spot with 2 points along with a few others that won their matches. On August 4th, a Champion will be crowned, or should I say, I will be crowned Champion. It doesn't matter who I go against in the Main Event of Gold, I will defeat them, and I will be NWF Champion.

He takes a deep breath, hops off the turnbuckle, and starts pacing around the ring.

Always A Step Ahead | Jacob Steele
It's one thing to say that I will be NWF Champion, it's another to actually do it. I can say all I want that I will be Champion. And, I probably will. It has a nice ring to it. Soon enough, you'll start to realize and trust me when I say I will stop at nothing even when I get what I want. You see, there's this thing called always being a step ahead, always knowing your opponents next move before they do it. That's how I win. I study my opponents. I know their movesets, I see how they move, and I strike right when the time is right. Which is why I connected with not one, not two, but three finishing moves in that triple threat match this last week. I suppose the fact that I'm just better than everyone helps a little also. I'm sure someone will try to say something to me to try and look cool, or even just to stand up for themselves. It won't work. At this point, I'm unstoppable. Once I stepped into that ring last week on Prime Time, and then walked away with a victory, it was the end for everyone's chances in becoming NWF Champion.

Jacob stops in the middle of the ring, staring right into the camera.

Always A Step Ahead | Jacob Steele
I'm just gonna keep this short and sweet, Jacob. I'm sorry I have to pick you apart for the second week in a row. It's just got to be done. And it will be done. So, I'll see you soon. Prepare for yet another Final Judgement.

The scene fades to black.

NWF Record: 2-0
Road To Gold Standing: 1st (+4)

NWF Achievements
- NWF No Limit Champion (93 Days)
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Prime Time I: Always A Step Ahead
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