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 Not Even Worth My Time {Prime Time I}

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Chris Anderson


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PostSubject: Not Even Worth My Time {Prime Time I}   Tue May 28, 2013 5:26 pm

( The camera fades in! ‘The Troy Melendez Show’ is seen on the screen. The camera zooms down from the balcony and now we can see Troy Melendez sitting on a couch. )

Troy Melendez: Welcome back to show everyone! Up next, NWF superstar Chris Anderson is letting us sit down with him, one on one, and talk to him about his life, wrestling career, and some other stuff. So let’s not hold him back there any more… here’s Chris Anderson ladies and gentlemen!

( The camera pans over, as Chris Anderson is walking down to the couch, from the back. )

Troy Melendez: Thanks for being a part of the show, Chris. To start this interview, I got to ask you this first. Is your loss against Jacob Steele and Jacob Moore last Thursday going to play any role in your match against Raven Styx? In your match, you showed little to no signs of ring rust and without a doubt, you took those two to their very limit. However, you still ended up just short of the victory. What are you feeling after losing such a neck to neck match?

Chris Anderson: Really? Really, Troy? How does it feel? How does it feel to lose my first match back? Really? REALLY?! Obviously, you've never known the feeling of disappointment, Troy. It's obvious you've never experienced the feeling of working yourself to the very bone only to lose everything you've worked for in a matter of three seconds. So… to answer your question in a way that you can understand… To put it simply so you can understand… I’m not happy. To describe it, there's a mix between anger and disappointment. Obviously, you're never happy when you're on the losing side, but that match last week meant more than that. That match with Jacob Steele and Jacob Moore may have been one of the biggest matches of my career. It was my chance to show the world that I am still a top contender. It was my opportunity to show that I'm the same guy I was two years ago. I'd argue the fact that there were some controversial calls made during the match. If you look at the replay, you can see that I kicked out right before the three count and I'm sure that I'm not the only one arguing this, but the fact is? A loss is a loss. Then again... If you look at the match from another perspective, it's quite clear that I took them both to their very limit. On more than one occasion, I had them beat. They should have been down for the count, but somehow they kept getting back up. In any other match, I would have been victorious, no doubt about that. On that night though? Steele, the victor, wanted it more. As much as it hurts my pride to admit it, Jacob Steele was the better man last Thursday. Mark my words though, it won't happen again. I don't want ANYONE to think for a second that I'm satisfied with my performance because trust me there is no positive in losing. If you know me, you know that I hate losing more than anything and believe me... I WON'T lose again! NOT TO RAVEN STYX AND NOT TO ANYONE ELSE! I WILL NOT LOSE AGAIN! That's why... when I face Raven Styx on Thursday in that ring? I will own him with a Anderson Express!

Despite my loss last week, I made one point clear. Do NOT underestimate me. I made a clear statement to everyone in the back that I am still able to compete at the highest level. I'm not a beat up old has been looking for one more shot at fame. No! I'm still in the prime of my career. I'm not looking for that one last taste of glory. I'm here to reclaim my rightful position as the most must see superstar in NWF and I showed the NWF Universe a glimpse of that last week! In my first match back, I had a potential match of the year candidate against two of the top stars in this company. In my first match back, I accomplished what the rest of the roster failed to do for months and that is to capture the NWF Universe's attention. The entire arena, a fan of me or not, were glued to that match. With one performance, I cemented my position as the main event of this company as I will prove again against Raven Styx. I'll admit, I don't know too much about Raven Styx. I haven't seen too much of him, but I watched his match against Adam Jackson from last week and from what I can tell? Yeah, he's shown glimpses that he has the potential be a future star around here. I'm not lying when I say that in the short time that he's been here, he's made some impact. But that's all it is. When I was handed my first opportunity, I took advantage no matter how difficult it was. The night I became one of the biggest stars in this company... the night I became the NWF Undisputed Champion. I went into that match and no one thought I was going to win, but I proved everyone wrong and I overcame that challenge. I was the underdog in EVERY match I've competed in! When I beat Hall Of Famers like Dracule Mihawk and Chris Cena, I was the underdog! I was the underdog when I won the Pure Championship and the No Limit Championship! The stronger the competition is the greater my desire to win becomes! With each challenge, I always rose to the occasion and I overcame them each and every time. As of right now... Raven Styx's career can be described in one world alone. Failure. I've heard the hype about him. I've heard both the NWF Universe and the talent in the back call him the future of this company, but right now? He's just an overrated mistake who's NOT EVEN WORTH MY TIME!
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Not Even Worth My Time {Prime Time I}
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