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 Primetime: I do not care

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PostSubject: Primetime: I do not care   Tue May 28, 2013 12:45 pm

Growing up, I was a loner, to be fair I still am, but these are the sacrifices I have taken to get what I want. I was never the coolest kid in the class, or the most handsome guy in the world, but I always tried my damn hardest, I still do. You see, everything I have right now, I don't take for granted, I treasure each day like its my last. Although I'm charasmatic and 99.9% unbreakable, there is still that very slim chance of my world crashing down. Everyday I strive to do better than the day before, I do thing my way and no-one elses. I live for myself and myself alone and that is the way I like it.

Through out my NWF career I have been doubted time and time again, mocked each and every week, but look at me, I am still standing tall and proud. I am one of the most feared men in the wrestling world today and yet to this day people still doubt my credentials. All my talent is not god given, it is sheer determanation and hard work. I have busted my ass off since I was 15 years old learning all the skills I possess today. I am the most technically gifted man on the NWF roster, I am the man all you people wish to be. I may sound vain and up my own ass, but its the truth and the quicker you all realise this, the better.

Last week Michael mavia, a newcomer to the NWF brand tryed to mock and failed horribly. This week I expect more of the same from Sean Chambers and once again I will have to show them what pain really feels like. You see Sean, I don't fault your mic skills or the small amount of talent you have in the ring, the only thing i have doubts about is your confidence, you stand there cutting your promos with a horrible slut breathing over your shoulder. I don't know why men feel the need to have a women by there side when it comes to wrestling. All they do is talk crap, take your wallet and cost you a chance at the big time.

You should never have came to NWF chambers, you should have stayed put in your old joint, because this saturday not only will your wrestling career be over, but your life will. I will send you and that thing you call Mia on a personal journey to meet the devil when I chokeslam you to hell.

I know when you next open your mouth infront of the cameras you will try and pick at my promo, you will try pick faults about my grammar, but do you know something Chambers, I do not care becasue when all is said and done, I know I will be the man thats standing in the ring celebrating another two points closer to my title. Enjoy your pretty boy looks while you have the chance Chambers because when I'm done with you, you will look like dog chewing a brick.
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Primetime: I do not care
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