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PostSubject: Smokescreen?    Mon May 27, 2013 2:19 pm

Usually I would come out and talk about my victory, but the announcement on prime time has gave me food for thought.

Tougie, me and you have never seen eye to eye, that's just the way it is and always will be. So why should I believe that a point system you have brought in will be fair. Why should I believe that this isnt a smokescreen to hand yourself the title, like many times before. You are one of the sole reason's this company went on the downard spiral when you turned you back agaisnt the NWF name to join Adamle's crew.

You have always been a guy whos arm is easily twisted, so why should I not believe that someone can do it again, hell, even I can do it. You are weak and have a passion for controversy. You know the talent I posses, you have faced me many of times in that ring and I have beat you down into a pulp. Sure you may say your a changed man and that you want the best for NWF, but a points system is a weak choice. Why should I have to wait and dismantle everyone for 2 months to get what is mine. A strong owner would have thown everyone in a battle royal and let the best man win.

You know I am the best you have one the roster Tougie, I just don't know what your agenda is against myself. You always put me in meaningless matches that have no affect. Last week on the big return I had to tag with a man I have never even heard of, Why? I should have been brought out to that ring and handed that belt with a smile. I can't stand by and watch you make a mockery of me anymore Tougie, so if this points system is indeed true then god help each and everyone of your cronies on that roster becasue in two months time at gold there will be no-one left and your only option will be to give me what is mine. I will destroy each and every living thing in this company to get it and if you get in my way at any given time, you will be done, You will suffer what you have suffered before only this time u will not get back up.

The days of corruption are no more in NWF, I will not let it happen. I bust my ass everyday to reach the very top so Tougie all i want is answers.

Are you man enough to answer them to my face?...
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