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 Witness Greatness (Intro/House Show)

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Justin Studd


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PostSubject: Witness Greatness (Intro/House Show)   Sun May 26, 2013 9:12 pm

The NWF Logo flashes over the screen before the camera flashes quickly over the backstage concession area as workers start walking down the hallway after PrimeTime's first show. Everyone is smiling with happy expressions and looks on their faces. Suddenly, Justin Studd walks down the hallway after his match with beads of sweat over his body as he has a huge smirk on his face as he starts to rip the tape from off of both of his hands. He slides his fingers through his blond hair slowly straightening it out. He looks around as he continues to walk towards the camera looking straight into with his cold blue eyes. He adjusts the teal shirt he has on which says "Nothing But Perfection" as starts to blink and begins to speak.

Justin Studd(With an arrogant aura): I'm definitely a stud in this business at the minimum. I'm someone that ANYONE can actually look up to. Over these past few weeks I haven't said a word.. I let my actions speak louder than my words. Everyone looks at me and sees me as someone to easily overcome.. someone that you can just step over, but I don't let that happen at all. You see I stepped into this business for a reason.. TO BE.. THE.. BEST. And that's exactly what I am, but I want to solidify it with something more than just a statement. I want to solidify it with the NWF Championship. The gold is what's going to show everyone that I CANNOT be stopped in this business. It seems as though I've had competition on PrimeTime just a few days ago and I claimed the victory. When I say I'm going to do something I back it up. Everyone is clearly overlooking me but once we get closer to "Gold" everyone will see how much of a threat I am to their chances of getting what they want. You see that's the difference between me and my competition.. I DESERVE THE OPPORTUNITY.. they just want it. That shows how much more HUNGRIER I am than most of these people. I'm going to make a name for myself in NWF.. I promise myself that because I could care less about any of those people who cheer my name or who hate on me. It just brings the best of me out and it pushes me to compete at the highest level in which most people aren't able to do. I've claimed a few points towards my opportunity at the NWF Championship and I'm going to stay on that path by keeping only VICTORIES on my mind.. on my record. I've got the skill to stay PERFECT in this business.. but oh wait.. I already am perfect. There's nothing that needs to change about me. I've MADE NO MISTAKES and I don't plan on making any either. The only thing that matters here.. is ME. And once I start moving up in the rankings and passing everyone.. then everyone will have their eyes on me. Everyone will see that I MEANT WHAT I SAID. They'll see that I'm the future of this business and there's only one way to show that.. in that ring. This next week I have a match against one of the guys who's not even a worry to me: Diamond Cage. Diamond Cage I'm sure is just another one of these guys in this business who wants to be known. He wants to show everyone how great he is.. but the funny thing is.. he's not great and he doesn't deserve to have his name out there. The only REASON he'd ever have his name out there after this match is because he's losing to someone on a high caliber. Someone who can actually make it in this business because I'm sure he can't. Diamond Cage you'll be the SECOND victim to fall to me and that's a promise. I'll step into that ring and put you down.. and keep it moving because that's how you make it in this business. That's how you push yourself to the top.. and while I'm passing you.. you'll just be stuck in the same place trying to do something to make a change, but there's nothing you can do about it. There is no ending of this match where you are seen to walk out with the victory because that's obviously my job. I've been the most overlooked in this business and now it's time for ME to GET THE RESPECT THAT I DESERVE. TO GET ALL EYES ON ME.. and it starts with you Cage.

Justin Studd starts to grin cockily as he lifts his head up and takes a few steps back from the camera and takes a seat on one of the tables as he starts to unstrap both of his white and black boots.

Justin Studd: It starts with EMBARRASSING YOU IN THAT RING.. I don't care about you.. I don't care about your career or what you're trying to do because the only thing that matters to me IS M-E. I only care about myself and that might seem narcissistic, but it shows that I'm moving up to the next level on my own. No matter what I have to do to claim victory in that ring I will do so. You see Diamond Cage.. I'm not your average competitor.. I'm way above you. You can try to put me down.. I'll get right back up and keep going until the ring announcer says my name. Everything that you say to me will be used against you.. you'll REGRET ever saying anything to me. And if you don't say a word.. that just shows how much of a COWARD YOU REALLY ARE. When you step into my ring the only thing I want you to do is lay down.. save yourself the embarrassment because if you attempt to fight back everyone will see just about how much BETTER I am than you. I know what it's like to be the best in this business because clearly.. I am the best right now. Diamond Cage you never deserved to be respected in this business and you damn sure won't be getting ANYTHING LIKE THAT FROM ME. This is the part where I send you back to the locker room with your tails stuck between your legs like a little scolded dog. This is the moment where everyone STARTS REALIZING THAT I'LL OUTLAST EVERYONE IN THIS BUSINESS.. I'LL BE THAT LIVING LEGEND. I'm NWF Championship caliber.. I deserve to be at the top and the only way to get there is to go through guys like you Cage. Guys who think they can do it, but really can't because I'm GOING TO BE IN THEIR WAY. Diamond Cage is just going to be another name on my long list of those I've defeated. And the more and more victories I claim.. the closer I get to what's rightfully mine. Diamond Cage I'm telling you now that I WILL NOT BE STOPPED.. I REFUSE. I refuse to fall to someone "bust" like you. You're nothing but another guy in this business who thinks he'll be something but ends up failing OVER.. AND OVER AGAIN. I'm not worried about this match because I know for a fact that'll be winning. We might be in the same book called "NWF" but we're definitely on a different page. I hope soon enough it dawns on you that to me you'll always be nothing. You'll never be worth anything in this business, but me? I'll be sitting on my throne with my crown and my NWF Championship slung over my shoulder. At the HIGHEST PEDESTAL.. with no one else to be seen. That'll be the moment .. but consider this your only warning Cage.. ALL OF YOU.. will WITNESS PERFECTION. Now get out of my FACE!

Justin Studd pushes the camera man back as the camera starts to shake as Justin Studd continues down the hallway with a smile on his face as you can see the back of his teal shirt says "Your Only Jewel." He starts to walk out of sight as the camera starts to slowly fade to black as the NWF Logo flashes over the screen.


Overall Record: 2-0
Prime Time Record: 1-0
House Show Record: 1-0
FPV Record: 0-0

The Loud-Mouth Show Off: Perfection is the only option.
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Witness Greatness (Intro/House Show)
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