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 He got shaken, and left him stirred!

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Scott Davis Helmsley


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PostSubject: He got shaken, and left him stirred!    Thu May 23, 2013 9:57 pm

Scott Davis Helmsley is seen leaving his locker room, with street attire and It looks like he's heading to the parking garage

What did I tell everyone? Oh yeah I told them that I was going to walk out of Prime time a winner! and me and my tag team partner Justin Studd were going to beat these nobodies and make a name for ourself's and I think that's just what we did. I just want to say something to that Loudmouth runt named Nathaniel Paradise, You see all you are right now Is all talk, But when a challenge was faced Infront of you, You got laid out for the three count. You say we are a "Nobody 1 and Nobody 2" well these "Nobody's" made a name for ourselfs while you just looked like a fucking idoit. I just hope you don't run your mouth all the time then can't back it up in the ring.

He walks to his Car, Starts the engine then continues to speak

She's a loud one Isn't she? Been my baby since 04! I'm just looking forward to my match next week with whoever it might be, But I hope they bring their A game, because I sure will.

He drives off and the camera goes dark

PS: I like the name of the title xP
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He got shaken, and left him stirred!
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