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 New Age, New Dominance

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Scott Davis Helmsley


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PostSubject: New Age, New Dominance    Wed May 22, 2013 10:13 pm

SDH is seen leaving the NWF training facility, He sees the camera and starts talking

Ladies and Gentlemen you are in for a treat this Thursday because you will see the one and only Scott Davis Helmsley make his NWF debut! Now from what I understand this is the New Era of NWF .. a Rebut if you must say and I'm honoured to be apart of this company and Trust me I won't disappoint.

As he walks to his car, He turns around and continues to speak

Let me tell you a little about myself, My name is Scott Davis Helmsley, SDH for short. I've been wrestling since I was in Highschool, All State All American in Texas, Had my first kiss in First grade so you can say I'm smooth with the ladies. Moved to California to start My Wrestling career under a Federation called EHDW, I've yet to win any titles in all the companies I've been in but I'm certain that what will all change here, I will write my name in the NWF history books and be the best damn superstar that ever walked through those doors!

He takes a minute to drink his water, then continues to talk to the camera

I'll be honest ... I don't know anyone in my match, Not even my own tag team partner. But I'm confident that me and my tag team partner Justin Studd will find a way to work together and beat the team of Nathaniel Paradise & Takeru Naito. Now this is the first time you will see me in the ring, and I hope to amaze you all! But it's also the first time I get to see my partner and Opponents in the ring, I'm a quick learner so If I see a pattern of Inconsistency I'll find many ways to exploit it. So Chinaman and Paradise boy you better be ready for the asskicking of a life time!

Scott Davis Helmsley goes in his car, Drives away but then quickly reverses and rolls down the window to talk for one last time

You can either Love me or Hate me, But that won't change my views and Opinions about any of you fat, Gross Idiots that Underestimate me. I might talk a big game, But I can prove it.
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New Age, New Dominance
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