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 Out With The Old, In With The New

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PostSubject: Out With The Old, In With The New   Wed May 22, 2013 10:11 pm

The scene slowly opens up and we are seeing Sean Chambers and his girlfriend Mia. Both of the are in the NWF’s locker room. Sean is standing up behind a couch that Mia is sitting on.

I cant believe that Canadian son of a bitch said that about me. He actually thinks that I try to control your every movement.

::Sean Chambers::
Just let it be. He thinks he is going to get under my skin by saying stuff about you. He thinks that will get me all fired up and that I will lose focus.

He even said that I need to go back to the kitchen where I belong. Guys like him piss me off more than anything. I swear if he was here right now, I would have his balls in a jar in my purse. I would literally cut them off and then show them to him.

::Sean Chambers::
Too much information Mia. I dont want to know that crap. Like I said, just let it be. If thats the way he releases his anger, then thats fine. I dont care what he thinks. He is no one important anyways. He speaks like he use to be so high and mighty in the NWF before it shut down. Wow, he was a multiple time champion in this company. You think thats suppose to impress me or something their snagz. Snagz, what kind of name is that anyway? Have fake teeth or something and people use to call you snaggle tooth?

Well do me a favor, make him Snagz tomorrow. Knock out his damn teeth and show him why you will be the future of this place.

::Sean Chambers::
Ohh he will know my wrath after tomorrow night. See Roderick, you think your so much better than me because you was in the NWF before and was a multiple time champion. Well that doesnt mean anything right now because this is a new starts for everyone, even the NWF. No one cares that you use to hold a championship, I sure as hell dont. You do not impress me one bit man. Yea, your bigger, stronger, who the hell cares. Im going to show you the true meaning of a superstar tomorrow night. You sound so confident in winning this match between us, I find that funny. You know nothing about me or what I can do. But you still insist that you will demolish me tomorrow night. Thats hilarious if you ask me. You know what the real funny part about it is?

Sean smiles.

::Sean Chambers::
Im going to shut you up tomorrow and make you look like a little bitch. Everything that you are saying right now doesnt mean nothing. So your already talking about winning the NWF Championship I see. Wow, first card and the guy is already talking about a championship. Do me a favor, sit back and relax Snagz and watch the real contestants first before you start running your mouth. You may have been here before me, but you seriously are a rookie on the mic. Some of your words dont even make sense. Did you even graduate high school? I dont care if you did, but it could have helped you with your sentences.

We hear Mia laughing in the background.

::Sean Chambers::
Listen Roderick, I didnt come here to try and take someone’s job. I am here to prove to everyone that I am just as good as the best around here. You think I am a joke, well you dont know anything about me, so you could be right. I could be the easiest match that you have ever had in your entire career Snagz. But no one will know that until that bell sounds off through the arena. What is so funny Snagz, you said that you will not let me stop you from becoming World Champion. Who in the hell said that if you beat me that your closer to championship Snagz? Im just a no good rookie remember? So if you do somehow end up getting the victory over me, you still wont be close to that championship. But somehow, I really dont see how you will beat me. This is my first ever match in NWF history and im not going to let some slime ball ruin that for me. You claim to be one of the best in the NWF Snagz, well after I beat you, then I guess I would be considered that as well. You act like that I am scared of you or something Snagz. Only a fool would be scared of you. You are nothing more than just another average Joe trying to make history, nothing more. There is nothing about you that makes you better than any of us out there, so why try and put yourself into a class so much higher than us? See thats what I dont get. People like you act like they rule the world, they are the best. Knowing damn well that they are nothing more than a piece of trash. See I know what your problem is Snagz. Your scared of getting the beat down of your life by a newcomer that no one has ever heard about. Your frightened that I might take your spotlight away from you. Well you have every right to be because all of the above is fixing to happen to you and there isnt nothing that you can do about it. Im going to be the next big thing in the NWF Snagz. Just wait and see. I will be the one headlining shows, getting the popularity votes and even taking out some of the best. Your just my little test to see what i can bring to the table. I dont mind though. I dont mind taking out someone like you to begin with. Actually I will kind of like doing that. Listen Snagz, I have said everything I need to say. Consider yourself warned.

As Chambers walks around the couch and sits down next to Mia, the screen fades.


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Out With The Old, In With The New
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