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 Prime Time I - Lucifer's Vessel

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Jacob Steele


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PostSubject: Prime Time I - Lucifer's Vessel   Wed May 22, 2013 7:14 pm

The scene fades in to a man driving down a road in an all white '97 Mustang. There's no music playing, all the windows are rolled down, and the breeze is flowing through the car. The sun is beginning to set and there's no signs of clouds. The camera pans around showing the man's face. The man reveals to be Jacob Steele. He continues driving, as if the camera is unnoticeable. As the sun is about to set, Jacob pulls over next to this beat up shack next to a lake. He parks the car and makes his way over to the pier and stands still for a few moments.

Lucifer's Vessel | Jacob Steele
Staring out at this lake, watching the sunset, has got to be one of the most relaxing things. If there's anything in the world that actually keeps me calm, it's the sight of this right here. A guy like me could use some relaxation time once in a while. It calms the nerves. It brings peace. It focuses you. This is part of a routine I have and it never fails me.

Jacob starts pacing around the pier.

Lucifer's Vessel | Jacob Steele
Last week's show got canceled because a few of our roster members quit. One of them was my opponent that week. Honestly, I don't blame him nor the others. I'd be scared if I was my opponent. I'd be scared if I was going after the same thing I was too. Really, I get it. It's pretty funny, but, it was probably the right choice. After hearing what Jake Copeland had to say about the match between us, I thought I was watching a comedy show. You just can't take the guy seriously when he spits out a bunch of bullshit like that. There's no telling what I would've done to the guy if the show had went on. He'd probably be gone from here on injury leave anyways. You can't sit there behind a camera and talk about this and that without being able to prove anything. That's the difference between people here and myself. If you're going against me, there's just no chance of you being able to stick by your word. I will always keep my word. No matter what the task, no matter the obstacles, my word stands. The thing is, I've been through a lot here in NWF, and I've accomplished a lot. But, in the past, others have accomplished more than I have. I did win the NWF No Limit Champion and I did have the second longest reign. That's it. That's all I've done other than a few wins here and a few wins there, injured a few people, and made numerous amounts of statements. Now is different. I see the top now and it's not far away. It's in arms reach. Not a soul will stop me. No one can stop me.

The sky turns black, clouds take over the night sky, lights being to flicker, and the wind starts blowing ferociously. You can see the ripples in the water.

Lucifer's Vessel | Jacob Steele
This week, I'll be facing Jacob Moore and Chris Anderson in a Triple Threat Match on Prime Time. All of us have been Champions and none of us have ever faced each other. Now, here's the thing. If you two listened to what I said not too long ago, you'd realize how serious this is. I never made it out of the mid card division back in the day. This is a battle between three guys that used to be stuck in the mid card division. Take note, you two. I'm breaking away. I'm finally making my mark and I'm finally going to be on top. This is The Apocalypse for the rest of NWF. From Dreams To Nightmares, I'll tear you apart. Darkness will fall. You'll be Lost In The Echo. Jacob, Chris.. Prime Time will be.. Your..

Jacob's eyes roll to the back of his head, turning completely white.

Lucifer's Vessel | Jacob Steele

The scene fades to black with Jacob standing on the pier holding his arms in the air.

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Prime Time I - Lucifer's Vessel
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