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 PrimeTime #1

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PostSubject: PrimeTime #1   Wed May 22, 2013 6:18 pm

(Roderick Is shown sitting on the hood of his 2013 Audi A6 in front of his Toronto home)

Sean, Sean, Sean. Please do not let your girlfriend get your confidence to it's peak only to have it come crashing down. I mean like really that bird really called me a nobody(Roderick Laughs) You both obviosly never seen the old NWF. How can a multiple time champion be a nobody? I'm a NWF original with more talent in my left foot than you or your boyfriend, with that being said bitch get back in the Kitchen and stay in your place. Now back to the task at hand, Sean you said you came here to "make a name for yourself and to become famous". With that being said you picked the wrong night and the wrong person to go out and try to make a name for yourself against. I'm more focused than any man in that locker room I'm more determined than any man, and I will use you as a example for all of the NWF to see. I won;t sop until I reach my goal of becoming the NWF Champion the only Accolade preventing me from becoming the greatest competitor to ever step foot in a NWF ring. Sean if you think I'm going to let you somebody new derail all that I have worked for you really are that dumb, young superstar that you are fighting so hard to prove that yu aren't.

(Roderick pauses for a moment before he clears his throat and begins to speak again)

After this match you will be that young superstar that everyone if talking about, only they will be talking about how will you bounce back from the beating that I will hand you on Primetime. You're right I'm 5 inches taller and 50 pound heavier and all that advantage will be put to good use. I'm not one of those big guys who brags about being big and thinks I can move the world, I brag about how good of a wrestler I am size means nothing to me because If I was 5'5 120 Sean I would still be 10x the wrestler that you are. I'm not thinking that I'm going to crush you Sean I know I am, You have no idea what it's like to be in the ring with somebody like me. I'm strong skilled and motivated three of the most dangerous elements a wrestler can have. Plus I have everything to gain and nothing to lose you on the other hand this could be it for you this could be the last break you're given. This very well could be the last time Sean Chambers is ever heard from again and the rant with you and your girlfriend about absoloutly nothing is how you're going to leave us damn.

(Roderick smirks arrogantly as he begins to speak again)

Honestly Sean I found what you had to say rather pointless you really ranted for 10 mins about the same shit over and over again and then every once in a while your thirsty ass companion would chime in. All I've learned about you is that your girl walks around with your balls in her purse. Do you really need her to cosign everything you say? Do you really need her to pull your strings in order for you to function? News flash kid she won;t be able to get my boot out of your ass she won't be able to save you from anything that I decide too do too you. So for the next couple of days you sit in your living room finding new false hope about winning this match have your cheerleader keep boosting then come Primetime you can step into my office and have your ass handed to you in front of her and millions of people, see you at Primetime.

(Roderick jumps off of his hood as the scene fades out)
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PrimeTime #1
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