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 Raven Styx is ready for Priemtime

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Raven Styx


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PostSubject: Raven Styx is ready for Priemtime   Wed May 22, 2013 6:13 pm

(Raven Styx is shown walking out of the chairman’s office as the interviewer approaches him)

Interviewer: Excuse me, Raven. Do you have time to answer a few questions? The fans want to know why you’re.

Raven Styx: Do you live under a rock man? I’m NWF’s newest acquisition, it’s all over the internet.

Interviewer: You’ve totally dominated the independent scene for years, what brings you to the big leagues?

Raven Styx: It’s very simple, competition. I have beaten essentially every independent wrestler I have stepped into the ring with. At one point the indys were lacking competition so when I received an offer to join NWF I didn’t hesitate and accepted it right away. This company has some of the best wrestlers in the world.

Interviewer: What are your goals in NWF, Raven?

Raven Styx: We all dream of being a world champion one day. That is my goal and ultimately I will accomplish it. I know there are many talented guys seeking what I seek. Competition is stiffer than ever, but there’s a difference between those guys and myself. I’m willing to do absolutely anything to get to the top. And sooner or later I WILL get to the top regardless who steps in my path and attempts to stop me they will fail.

Interviewer: I have just gotten word that your first opponent will be Adam Jackson, are you ready to face him?

Raven Styx: I’m always ready for anybody or anything. I frankly don’t know much about Adam Jackson, but I can tell you that if he believes he is walking out of Prime time victorious he is in for a rude awakening. I’ve tangled with the absolute greatest in this business and I have managed to beat them. I have the capacity to beat Adam Jackson and I will beat him. Based on what I have heard he thinks he is some type of God, he thinks he deserves the world just for the fact he is Adam Jackson. Truth be told the only thing he is well deserving of is to get his ass kicked. Come Primetime Adam Jackson will step into the ring with one of the best wrestlers in the world and I don’t just plan on decimating Adam, I plan on cementing myself as the future of this company and this industry in general. No matter who the management determines to put in my way I will beat them. Competition will probably get extinguished in the big leagues too now that Raven Styx is here. Be prepared because I am taking over.

(Raven Styx walks away as the camera fades to black)
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Raven Styx is ready for Priemtime
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