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 Minor Setbacks {Prime Time I}

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Chris Anderson


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PostSubject: Minor Setbacks {Prime Time I}   Wed May 22, 2013 4:11 pm

( The scene fades in from dark. Chris Anderson, wearing a pair of cargo shorts and a gray t-shirt, is pacing back and forth inside a high-class hotel room. It appears that he’s nervous, or anxious about something. There’s a knock at the door. )

Chris Anderson: Who is it?

Voice: Room service!

Chris Anderson: Come in…

( A short Latino woman steps through the door and begins cleaning up the area around Chris. She notices that something seems to be wrong with him, as he continues to pace. )

Lady: Is there something wrong, Chris?

( Chris stops, almost surprised that she’s butting into his life. )

Chris Anderson: Oh, what, nothing. I’m just a little tense, that’s all.

Lady: Well, you know Chris, talking always helps.

Chris Anderson: Well, it’s just that Prime Time last week got delayed, and I was really ready to go in and kick some ass. And now it’s a week later, and I don’t know if I’m ready anymore. I mean, I know I am ready physically, but mentally, I’m not so sure. The card was completely switched around and changed, and now I am not only facing Jacob Moore, but also Jacob Steele. They are both really good wrestlers, and I am not so sure how I am going to fare against them. No matter what, I know that when I step foot into the arena tomorrow, I am going to be in good shape to fight, but on the same token, my mind is kind of controlling me right now and making me regret ever wrestling again. Do you know what I mean?

Lady: Oh yes, Chris, I completely understand.

Chris Anderson: And to make matters worse, I barely know who this Jacob Steele guy is. I mean like, I know who he is, because he is an NWF veteran and use to wrestle all the time in NWF. Hell, he’s even won a few championships while he was here. But, I’ve never really faced him one on one in the ring, and it’s going to be very different.

Lady: Well, couldn’t you look at some of his wrestling tapes, to try and get to know him better?

Chris Anderson: Yeah, I tried that with Jacob Moore, and to be honest, it was just a waste of time. All I learned is that no one ever really paid attention to his matches in the audience. He wasn’t that good back then, but when I watched some of his tapes from other federations, he was very good. I just wonder if that’ll translate over into NWF or not. Listen lady, you’re not the person I envisioned talking to about this, but you got me through it, and I think I am feeling a little bit better. I hope Moore and Steele are ready, because I know that I sure am.
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Minor Setbacks {Prime Time I}
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