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 My Time is Now

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PostSubject: My Time is Now   Tue May 21, 2013 8:44 pm

As the scene slowly fades into play, we see newcomer Sean Chambers and his girlfriend Mia. Both of them are walking down the halls of the arena. Suddenly they stop once they see a door with Sean Chambers name written on a gold label.

::Sean Chambers::
Well this is it. The chance I have been finally waiting for.

I cant believe this locker room is yours. The fun begins right now.

Mia grabs Chambers hand as Sean grabs the door knob and twists it open, revealing the locker room inside. When both of them enter the room, Mia walks right over to the flat screen t.v. that is hanging on the wall. The room is fully decorated already with tables, sofa’s, pictures, and a few other items as well. Sean closes the door behind him.

::Sean Chambers::
Not too shabby, but it needs our touch to it.

Sure does, but the flat screen stays!

Sean smiles.

::Sean Chambers::

Mia walks on over and sits on the sofa and pats the cushion next to her, wanting Sean to sit beside her. Sean walks over and sits down beside her.

This is what you have been waiting for Sean. Your whole life you have wanted to be in some sort of spotlight. Well this is your chance. You got signed with the NWF a few days ago and now its time for you to make an impact.

::Sean Chambers::
You know thats right Mia. The reason I signed with the NWF is because I knew I could make this place my home. This is where the legend of Sean Chambers will be created.

Well the first card for the re-opening is already out and your going up against Roderick Richards. Pretty much a nobody that you do not have to worry about.

Sean cocks an eyebrow towards Mia.

::Sean Chambers::
Does it look like im concerned about this match up of mine? i dont think so. I came here to make a statement and become famous while doing it. So no one is going to stop my chances. But I know this is where it all begins, in my debut match. Everyone can tell what kind of superstar your going to be by the debut match. So I know one contestant isnt going to be happy with the results around here and that is Roderick Richards.

Well I know that your not worried and neither am I. I know for damn sure that you are going to kick his ass. I dont know anything about him, but I do that you have fire in your eyes right now and are one determined son of a bitch.

::Sean Chambers::
You know me too well Mia.

Mia grins.

::Sean Chambers::
I know that the NWF is just re-opening its doors. For whatever reason it took a short break, I dont really care. All I care about is now and what I am going to do in the NWF. See I know most people will look at me as another dumb and young superstar. They actually have every right to. But im the only difference. I will show them that I will be the next big thing in the NWF. I will be the uprising superstar that everyone will be talking about. They may not like me, but they will respect what I do. See everyone here is here for three reasons. Number one, money. That simple. Number two, Spotlight. Everyone of them wants to be center of attention, including me. The last reason is to try and prove everyone that they are the best out there by winning a championship. I know its a little to early to be bringing up gold right now, but you see my point. We all want the same things and we all will try and destroy each other to get to that point. The only problem is, im the obstacle now for many to try and overcome. I may be new to the scene and young, but I know what I want and I will get whatever I want. You guys may think that you will just come in here and start where you left off. Well I dont think so. Im here now and I will be one of the names in the company, if not THE top name in this company.

Mia smiles towards Sean.

I know I loved you for some odd reason. Seeing you talk like that just turns me on. I know that you have passion for the sport. I know that you want to be the best there is out there. But for now, just focus on your debut baby. Lets give them a little preview of whats in store for the NWF. They want to see what a true superstar really is? Well then lets show them the definition of a true superstar.

Sean grins.

::Sean Chambers::
So I am going up against Roderick Richards huh? Well I dont know much about him besides he is Canadian. That is all and he is about five inches taller than I am. and out weighs me about fifty pounds. So it seems that im the little pip-squeak in this match up here. Thats ok, actually I like this odds. Coming into the NWF and taking out a big guy like that, well its got to be good for my resume. So Roderick, is this your first time in the NWF as well? Or you one of the guys that was already on the roster? It doesnt matter really, just trying to get an insight on you. Well this is the first card since they re-opened Richards. you just have to be facing me.

Sean smiles.

::Sean Chambers::
Now I know what you are already thinking. Im going to crush that little bug. Im going to make him wish he never sign that dotted line, blah blah blah. Save that bullshit for someone who cares. I have already heard that crap before and let me tell you something. It only ignites the fire under me. You see Roderick, I have no idea who you are or what your about. But me? Im about to be the one that is going to rush over the NWF. My name will be headlining ever station, I will be the one that takes over the NWF by surprise. Trust me when I say that because it will be happening very soon. My time is rapidly approaching Roderick. Its just about time for me to take your big ass out and prove to everyone that I am a force to reckon with. I came here to better Mia and myself and thats exactly what I am going to do. Both of us have had a rough life. But now its time for us to live the fantasy life. In order to do that, I have to take out the likes of you. Which I can already tell is going to be an easy task for me to do. How do I know you will ask? Its because no one here has the drive that I have inside of me right now. I know im not the only one here thats got something to prove, because we all do. But no one knows a damn thing about me and if they did, it would scare them into another dimension. This is my life now, kicking ass and taking names Roderick. You will be my first defeat stepping into a professional ring, how will that make you feel? Getting humiliated by a man of my size. Thats got to hurt. But its not going to hurt as much as I am going to make you feel Wednesday night. Wednesday night is when everything comes to life Roderick. Its time to find out who the big boys are in this place. Too bad you will not be one of them.

Damn Roderick. I would hate to be in your shoes Wednesday night. Because Sean here is going to make you look like a fool.

::Sean Chambers::
Not just him though Mia. Everyone that steps into the ring with me is going to feel my wrath. The time for games ends now and its time that both of us move on up to the top. So Roderick, come Wednesday night. You will be the first to fail at the hands of me. My time is now and I will prevail!

Sean sits there with a smile on his face as Mia gets in closer and wraps her arms around him.



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My Time is Now
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