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 Prime time: Worthless

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PostSubject: Prime time: Worthless   Tue May 21, 2013 4:45 pm

Mikey your new, you have no clue about this company. You have no clue about me, you dont know what i have achieved and what i am capable of. You are like every other new comer in NWF, you think you have a right to run your mouth and say what you like, but the truth is Mikey, you dont. Once you have actually ahcived something like me then I will grant you that permission, but until that day which is unlikely, shut you stupid little mouth.

Why don't you read up on the history of this company before you start questioning why I am here. You dont know anything what went on here last year, you are clueless Mikey like every other single person in this hell hole. So why dont you take your sorry little ass and go read.

NWF's return was my opportunity for revenge Mikey, not a love or a desperation. The reason I'm here is hate my friend, hate towards the powers at the top. So competing agaisnt you this weekend is worthless, it means nothing at all. You are just a sorry little maggot who is standing between me and my next step. Sure I may be complaining, but when you have the quality which I posses and the stats to back that up, then it is aloud. I don't care what you bring to the ring, because there is only ever going to be one outcome and that is a victory for me and whoever the hell my partner is.

Once you read up on history Mikey, I would love to know what your thoughts are. You are a mug my friend for trying to better me with words that are lies. I am unbeatable in the ring and outside. This weekend I will overpower you like I will overpower the so called top dogs Of NWF. It ain't personel yet Mikey, but if you continue to question me, then it will be. You see, when someone comes out and mentions my name, I read or listen to every little thing, there is no escaping my ability Mikey. I am what I say I am, I am the biggest son of a bitch this company has ever had, I am the demon within these walls and this weekend you will feel hells fires burn your skin.I came here to get what is mines and you Mikey will suffer the consequences for the managments mishaps.

Now shut up and watch a true wreslting great at work.
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Prime time: Worthless
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