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 PrimeTime#1 -- Mikey speaks on Punisher

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Mikey Mavia


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PostSubject: PrimeTime#1 -- Mikey speaks on Punisher   Mon May 20, 2013 8:55 pm

(The camera fades in near the catering area backstage, where Michael is seen sitting with his girlfriend Tiffany, who is feeding him grapes. They share a passionate kiss between each other and then he turns to face the camera directly)

Michael - I don't think I've been here for a complete two weeks yet, and I already have to deal with someone and their whining? "Oh boo hoo, I was the top dog even though I held the 2nd highest title and wasn't given any attention by management." Who cares? If you're sitting here crying about not getting recognition they you thought you deserved, then why are you still here? I know that if I wasn't getting the respect I deserved and was taken for granted that I wouldn't have stuck it out. I would've cut my losses and ditched the company for a higher paying, more satisfying gig provided by one of the other companies that the guy was talking about. Because my wrestling career is something that can't be put on hold for some other loser who thinks that a camel clutch is a body part of an actual camel.

Tiffany - It is isn't it?

Michael - Sweetie why don't you just please, zip it for a second okay? The man is talking. Just stand there and look pretty for Papa, alright can you do that for me Tiff? *starts to open her mouth to speak but he cuts her off by putting his finger over her lips* Aah, ah, ah... no talking. *Tiffany nods* There's my girl. *Michael turns his focus back to the camera* Now back to you, Punisher is it? If there were other companies willing to take you and make you into a big star, then why did you stick around in the NWF? That just makes you look like the sucker for waiting around for an opportunity that was never going to come in the first place! Wait, wait let me guess, your response is going to be something like... "I stuck around because I loved this company." Well if that is true then that only means that you have nobody to blame but yourself. You were foolish enough to stay when things seemed bleak, and are now pissed at the world because it didn't work out in your favor.

(Michael shakes his head in shame)

Michael - In all honesty I do feel a little bad for you, because NWF management pretty much shoved their seven inch dick up your rectum, written their name out on your back with their man juice, pissed it clean, then left you out to dry without so much as a peck on the cheek. They raped you of not only your dignity, but your manhood as well. And to top it all off they put you in an uncompromising situation, a tag team match against me of all people! I really feel for you kid, because we may be on the breach of witnessing the final hour of the Punisher, whoever he was. Because now he's turned into a pretty self righteous nobody who wants to spend up precious hours of my time by making everything about him and his miserable career. If you want to sulk do it on your own time kid, because right now you're on Mikey Mavia's time. And Mikey's time is very precious to him because he can't afford to have it wasted on a snore fest. So if you don't mind, next time you want to open up that trap of yours, be sure to list reasons for why Diamond and I will be walking away the winners.

(With a confident smirk on his face, Michael rises from the table and holds his hand out to Tiffany)

Michael - Come on babe, let's blow this scene! It reeks of last year's catch of the day.

(She takes a hold of his hand and the two walk away as the camera fades out.)
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PrimeTime#1 -- Mikey speaks on Punisher
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