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 Prime time: Demands

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PostSubject: Prime time: Demands   Mon May 20, 2013 7:00 pm

As I said two weeks ago before Prime time was delayed, I would talk about my year from hell. Well after the new match card coming out tonight I thought it was time to set the record straight on my side.

The past year has been nothing but dissapoinments, I have plucked away making a few bucks here and there in the indy scene. I fought a lot of talented guys who could grace any arena, but on the other hand i faced alot of guys that reminded me of NWF, the guys that get shit handed to them on a plate for being there for numerous years. Talentless guys that take a back seat when the going gets tough. Everyday i was reminded of the unsporting behaviour i encountered in NWF through the ignorence of people on the streets and people working along side me.

Last year before NWF shut it doors, I was the king of that ring. Every arena the crowd would gather to see me peform. I was the top dog, I was untouchable. But in the blink of an eye all my hard work was flushed down the drain because of morons bickering backstage and the so called veterans doing nothing but sit on there fat asses. I knew i should have walked to somewhere I was much more appreciated for my skills in the ring and my skills outside it. But instead I stupidly thought the morons phase would pass and NWF would finally see the reality, but incredibly I got an email tonight stating that a new card had been set up. I opened it up expecting to be in the main event or even in a singles match, but what do i get when i look, nothing but bullshit.

Even a year on, the back stage guys are still making a mockery of me, they are still blinded by corruption and favouritism. Why should I have to wrestle in a tag match against the no marks. I am the best this company has to offer. I am the only man capable of going some where. Those guys in the main event have nothing on me never mind the two men I have to fight in my tag match. Chris Anderson, Jacob Steele and Jacob Moore are nothing but maggots who kiss ass backstage to get the glory. That's what sickens me, I bust my ass off 24/7 striving to become what i know i can be. I'm constantly training, learing new things making myself better, yet these guys come straight back and get throwin into the main event despite me holidng the second biggest title a year and on the verge of holding the biggest.

Nwf will not survive for very long in this state, it will crumble like last year unless I get my deserved chance. I dont care about the fans or anyoe back stage, all I care for is the top of the pile, holding that belt and fianlly becoming the person I know i am capable of becoming, but i know as usual this will fall on deaf ears and I will have to wrestle the no marks to gain a momentum. These guys I have to fight have no idea the pain they have landed themselves into. Even my team mate doesnt know what he is in for because this is the time my revenge on NWF begins.

This company is lucky to have me and if my demands are not met soon, it will realise the demon it has unleashed.
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Prime time: Demands
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