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 An Amazing View

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PostSubject: An Amazing View   Mon May 13, 2013 6:53 pm

Scene Opens with Jason Douglas on walking towards his car and the media coming after him.

Jason Douglas:Listen you Media fools do this every day. don't you ever get tired of it. I don't want to talk about my brother and I don't want to talk to any of you about my "future" in wrestling or anything to that effect.

As Jason is getting in the car he gets back out takes a camera mans camera and throws it into the street. After getting into the car he begins to talk to the camera man he hired from NWF production while driving.

You know, I'm not a bad guy...I'm simply awful I look around this place and all I see is Victims. All I see if people in my way all I see is a problem. A simply fixed problem but a problem none the less. Fans of the NWF want to know my back story, they want to know why I had my brother so much from his time in NWF, they wonder why I'm so pissed off all the time. Well, it's simple, because I can be, Roderick Richards you are just the first. the first in what I am going to make a long line of pain and suffering. I will take what is mine no matter if I have the win loss record for it or not. These media clowns all over me like I'm some kind of people person, I'm not. The only reason I'm not bashing your head off my window right now is because I don't like blood on my window and two I paid you for this. So anyone in upper management who sees this you may want to take notice over what I do and know that in no way is it going to be my fault. I have been over looked for years and.....

Jason sees his old trainer walking down the sidewalk. He pulls the car over and gets out, the cameraman follows.

Mr. Strafe do you remember me.

Ted Strafe: Why yes I remember you the meat head from my class who thought that you where going to be more successful then your brother Ken Douglas. Bet you still haven't made yourself into anything because your to damn hardheaded you don't set goals for yourself and stick with them.

You told me that I would never amount to anything without a focus. You told me that I would never be as good as Ken because he was a "natural" athlete. Well I do have a focus now, plenty of it and it is on watching others suffer.

Before Ted could say anything Jason nailed him with a right hand to the jaw. When Ted stood up from the punch he was met with The Run Over close line. Jason stood there popping his neck and staring off into nothingness.

You may want to stay here with him until EMS arrives.

Jason then leaves the cameraman with Mr. Strafe and proceeds to get in his car and leave.
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An Amazing View
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