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PostSubject: PRIME TIME: LOW   Sun May 12, 2013 6:37 pm

You really think I'm that low, Chris?

When I said I was a new person, that did not mean I'd start using recent events just to get some cheers from fans. The Boston Bombings was a serious matter, just like any other tragedy. I pray for the people and family affected by it. I find it really pathetic that you had to try so hard to find something to call me out on, and even more pathetic, saying I don't care about the people that help all of us in NWF out by coming to shows and buying merch. Where would we be without those fans, Chris? Wrestling in high school gyms in front of twenty people every week. You can call me a liar, say I'm "talking out of my ass" but you would never know for sure. Only I know. If you really could tell when someone is lying then you aren't very good at it. Every word that comes out of my mouth is the truth. I'm not putting on a mask to get people to like me. They can love me or hate me, that's their decision. I can't change their opinion overnight. You have a point about me being here during some of your title reigns in the past but that's exactly what it is. THE PAST. Yeah, I've said some things. However, I did not say I was "some kind of dominant powerhouse". I might have the potential to be one but it'd be pretty dumb to say I was the best when I haven't even had a match yet. You said I made you laugh when I said I changed Chris but I'm laughing at the fact you think you're going to show me up and prove to everyone that I'm a "whiny little bitch". You know, I can't stop you from calling me things or making false statements so I'll just let you keep going. You know what I can do though? Lock you in a Reverse Kimura and snap your arm in half.

Good luck at Prime Time, buddy.
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