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 1st Day on the Job

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Mikey Mavia


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PostSubject: 1st Day on the Job   Sat May 11, 2013 10:08 pm

*The scene drifts open outside of the arena in Boston, where a black stretch limousine pulls up alongside the sidewalk. A man standing 5'11 accompanied by a 5'7 blonde lady steps out of the back. She takes the man by his arm as they stand there taking in the sights of the breathe-taking view of the arena.*

Tiffany Powers - Oh my gosh Michael it's the NWF, can you believe that you're finally here?!

Michael Mavia - YES... I can... why are you so excited? You didn't think that I would make it this far?

Tiffany Powers - I don't mean it like that, all I'm saying is that all of your hard work has finally paid off. You've made it to the big leagues, and I know you've got to feel good about that.

Michael Mavia - Damn right I do, it beats the hell out of working the mills with my Dad I'll tell you that much. I can tell by this atmosphere that I belong here. Granted the streets aren't exactly paved with gold, there's no star with my name on it anywhere here, and there's no red carpet laid out for me, but I guess they're on a budget or something. If they aren't they are going to need to get one, because I may be a little tight with my money but I don't work for free. And once they get a gander at all of this talent that is radiating off of me they will all begin to wonder how the NWF was able to last this long without having me on their roster. Success is everywhere here Tiff, in the pavement even in the air. Take a whiff of that Tiff. *breathes in mildly deep* That's the smell of success and its here, waiting for me to take a hold of it.

Tiffany Powers - INSECTS?! WHERE?!! Is it in my hair? OH MY GOD, GET IT OUT! GET IT OUT!!

Michael Mavia - No Tiffany I said, "Success....SUC-CESS!" As in the accomplishment of an goal or purpose, not a six legged bug!

Tiffany Powers - Oh... I knew that.

Michael Mavia - Yeah just like you 'knew' that the carton of concentrated orange juice didn't mean you had to actually concentrate right? Now before we proceed into the building, do you need to use the rest room?

Tiffany Powers - No, I'm good.

Michael Mavia - You sure? You have everything you need?

Tiffany Powers - I'm sure.

Michael Mavia - You're not going to get in there and suddenly want a drink of water or a bag of chips or anything right? Because I told you I'm not paying for that shit in there, we can get stuff just as good at half the price down at the 7-Eleven around the corner.

Tiffany Powers - No, no, I'm fine.

Michael Mavia - Good now let's go.

*Michael grabs a hold of Tiffany's hand and leads her into the building. The scene continues 30 minutes later where Michael is seen sitting on one of the crates backstage, chatting with a random bystander who he doesn't even know. Does he care? Not at all, he just wants someone to listen to his constant blabbering.*

Michael Mavia - So yeah dude I told the guy like this... I was like why do I want to be a Wrestler? What the hell do you think? You get paid a lot of change just for throwing people around. Something I'm very good at, if I do say so myself. I was slinging guys around since I was in Elementary and never have I met anyone I couldn't take down. Every bodies got a weakness... well everyone but me. And I--

NWF Worker - Wasn't there a woman with you earlier?

Michael Mavia - Did you just interrupt me there Stuart? That is so inconsiderate of you, here I am trying to bring a little joy into your life by giving you an interesting story, and you want to interrupt it by asking stupid questions that are of no concern to you? You're a class act you know that? Your mom must be really proud of you. And if you must know, Tiffany is in the Bathroom. She just can't hold her water, I told her to use the Bathroom before we left her Parent's House but nooooo... that Brainiac thinks she knows everything. Women pal, they think they know so much, too damn smart for their own good. Now I see why gay guys chose to be gay, you know what I'm saying? *Mike playfully elbows the Worker in the ribs*

NWF Worker - Yeah I totally know the feeling, I have a wife of 16 years and 2 kids, all I've gotten from her is nagging.

Michael Mavia - That's what they do! The problem with them is they don't know their roles anymore, they don't know where they stand because all of them want to be 'independent women'. If that even exists. As my Uncle Mark used to always tell me, there's only two places a woman belongs, the Kitchen and the Bedroom. *Tiffany walks up behind an unaware Michael* But nowadays all they seem to do is nag, nag, nag, nag, HEY!!! You're back from the Bathroom!

Tiffany Powers - Yeah! These people have really bad restrooms, all that was in there was a bucket, some caution signs, dirty mops, and brooms. It's disgusting, but I used it anyways. According to my Mom it wouldn't be the first time I had settled for less than what I truly deserved.

Michael Mavia - That old broad is still alive? What does she have against me, can she not accept the fact that I'm more of a man than her bloated husband is?

Tiffany Powers - Michael! That's my Father.

Michael Mavia - And your point?

Tiffany Powers - *gasps* I don't have to hear this from you, I'm leaving!

Michael Mavia - Bye! *Michael throws his hand up at her and rolls his eyes continuing his conversation with the Worker he refers to as Stuart. Tiffany stomps her foot and clears her throat to get Mike's attention, which she does.* You know, you make a lot of noise for someone who's supposed to be leaving! If you're going to get sensitive now about your dead beat dad, then go wait for me out in the limo.

Tiffany Powers - HMPH!! *Tiffany storms off in the direction she came.*

Michael Mavia - Other way Tiffany!

Tiffany Powers - I knew that!

Michael Mavia - Of course you did sweetheart.

*The scene comes to close with Michael and the NWF Worker continuing their conversation as Tiffany storms off to the Limo.*
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1st Day on the Job
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