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 Welcome to Hell II

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Burt Macklin


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PostSubject: Welcome to Hell II   Sat May 11, 2013 8:56 pm

You’re absolutely right, Kidd. Everything is about to change and dramatically. I’m sick and tired of being overlooked, I am sick and tired of being so underrated. I’m deserving of all the glory in the world! If anybody truly has the right to express their dissatisfaction with their NWF career it’s me, Kidd. I’ve been in this company since it’s inception. Week in and week out I did everything in my power to put a smile on people’s faces and earn the chairman of this company money. It’s been nearly FIVE years and the truth still hasn’t been ascertained, my hard work still hasn’t been certified. After everything I did.. after everything I have sacrificed. I’ve shed blood, sweat, and tears inside the NWF ring to prove I am an icon, a legend, But nobody ever appreciated that. Nobody ever gave me the shot that was rightfully MINE. My whole NWF career is a screw job, Kidd. Guys like Suicide Kid, Danny, Chris Morrison, and even Shawn Stryker are regarded legends , hall of famers of this company. Their “hard” work was acknowledged, but mine wasn’t. When I arguably worked harder than all of them COMBINED. I carried this company last YEAR. Jacob, you were given numerous shots. If you were dumb enough to waste each and every single one of them it’s no one’s fault but your own. A man of your caliber? A man of MY caliber, Jacob, doesn’t deserve this inadequate treatment under any circumstances! Especially if you take under consideration the fact that I made this company what it is today. I’ve been patiently waiting for years to be put on the pedestal I deserve to be placed on. For a much longer period of time than you actually have, Jacob. So go grab a number and stand in line because I am coming for what I am owed, I will have my revenge at all costs. Instead of sitting here like an idiot and wait to be provided with an opportunity to prove myself, come prime time I will personally GET the opportunity nobody wants to give me. I’ll not stand here with my arms crossed I am coming for what I am owed and nobody is going to stand in my path. Not even you, Kidd. I won’t allow you to grasp the NWF championship, want to now why? Because you simply do NOT deserve it. I do. You will do anything to capture it willingly? I’ll do ANYTHING to make sure you don’t ever reach your goal and your dream of becoming the face of this company doesn’t materializes. We’ll see if you’re indeed not frightened by anything when you come face to face with a man who’s as powerful as God, as evil as the devil, and superior than any other man you’ve ever ENCOUNTERED. My thoughts do not consist of the NWF championship solely, I have been thinking about many other things concerning NWF. You know, at one point I desired to be champion, world champion more than anything in this world, but now… I honestly could care less. A championship is just a championship, a reign won’t last forever. However, retribution, the satisfaction and the joy retribution brings to your heart is ETERNAL. Many men have thought they would be able to beat me. To send me to an hospital or put me out of my misery. They were all wrong. My name won’t be erased from history with the slightest of ease. You’ll have to do more than just put me through a table or hit me with a steel chair to get rid of me completely and for good. I will not be your victim. The fact you actually think you have what it takes to end my career is just hilarious. Have you forgotten who I am, Kidd? Have you forgotten what I am capable of, the things I have done in this industry. Seemingly you have, but that’s fine with me honestly. Because tomorrow night I will remind you who Jake Copeland is. I didn’t avoid your statement. I’m replying to it right now in case you haven’t noticed. As I have mentioned before, greatness is what awaits me. Chaos and anguish awaits NWF. You will all pay for what you did to me. Starting with you, Kidd. You’re the one who will feel the urge to hide and run come Prime time, trust me. I’m going to show you and the world exactly why I should be in the main event. Exactly why my accolades should be VALIDATED. Exactly why nobody... and I mean NOBODY messes with me. Nobody throws dirt on my name anymore, those days have come to an end. This is hell NWF and I am the DEVIL.
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Welcome to Hell II
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