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 The real me. {Prime Time III}

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Chris Anderson


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PostSubject: The real me. {Prime Time III}   Sat May 11, 2013 4:44 pm

The scene fades in from a black screen. The location is set inside a gym in Baltimore, Maryland; birthplace and hometown of NWF superstar Chris Anderson. As the camera pans around the entire gym, we see a few people jogging on the treadmills, listening to music on their phones and watching the little television sets that are built in to the machines. In the background we hear the grunting of Chris Anderson, working hard to set a new max on the bench press. As the camera pans closer, we can see that Anderson is attempting to reach 425 pounds. As he lifts it one last time, and sets it back in place, a man with a child walks up to him and begins to speak.

“Please Chris, could you sign this replica NWF World Heavyweight Championship for my son? He is truly a huge fan of yours and is pretty shy at the moment.”

Chris sits up on the bench, whipping the sweat away from his face.

“Well sure I will. Let me see that.”

The father of the child hands the kid the belt, so that he can hand it to Chris. The kid hands it to Chris, clearly a shy young boy, hands trembling.

“What is this? It says Shawn Stryker on the name plate. I am not going to sign this if it says Shawn Stryker on it…”

Chris precedes to hand the kid the belt back, but is interrupted by his father.

“Please Chris, it means a lot to him. At the time we bought the belt, TLA was the champion. If we could, we would rip the name plate off and replace it with one that had your name on it. Please, just sign the belt.”

“Fine, hand it here.”

The boy hands the belt back over to Chris.

“Alright, now who am I signing this for?”

“His name’s Shawn.”

“You have got to be kidding me right?”

“What’s wrong?”

“You already made me angry when you wanted me to sign a Championship belt with the name Shawn Stryker written on it, and to make matters worse, your son’s name is Shawn. I am not signing shit.”

Chris shoves the belt away and leaves the bench press. He walks over to the deadlift station, leaving the father and son standing there, stunned. A tear is seen rolling down the face of the child.
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The real me. {Prime Time III}
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