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 Welcome to hell

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Burt Macklin


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PostSubject: Welcome to hell   Tue May 07, 2013 9:22 pm

[The scene opens in a dark room. Suddenly, Jake Copeland’s face can be seen as he lights a match]

Initially, my primary goal in NWF was to achieve retribution for the way my legacy was overlooked and my name was degraded by the higher ups. But now… I don’t just want to exact retribution on the NWF galaxy, I want to expunge this company. I want all of you to bow down to me and beg for forgiveness. I want you to acknowledge me as your god because that is exactly what I AM. I embody all the traits, all the characteristics of a GOD. I’m superior to you. That’s an irrefutable fact. There isn’t anybody better than me in NWF or professional wrestling in general. I proved it week in and week out during NWF’s original run, I am proving it now, and I will prove it in five days on Primetime. I sacrificed so much for this company. I busted my ass, but nobody ever ratify or appreciate that. While guys like Shawn Stryker who quite frankly didn’t even deserve to even compete in a NWF ring, were being handed opportunities on a silver platter I was working arguably harder than anybody on the roster to earn an opportunity to attain another opportunity. The fact my hard work was never recognized or validated really grinds my gears, but it also proves this company as biased as it gets. Shawn Stryker was even handed a spot in the NWF hall of fame, how did that happen? I honestly don’t know, but one thing is for sure. You turned your own company into a JOKE by doing such stupidity. You know, It’s funny how all of you claim this is YOUR era, that this is your time to be successful because let’s face it. This is not the era of the Wildman, this is not the era of Roderick Richards, this is the era of RETRIBUTION. And this will be the most prominent era ever in NWF because great things are bound to happen… for me of course. For you? Nothing but misery, pain, and chaos awaits. I didn’t sign a contract to contribute to NWF’s success and help make it what it once used to be. I could care less if I am needed to make this company relevant again or not . I’m here to ensure this company is never successful again and as long as my heart is beating you can rest assured it WON’T BE. NWF, WELCOME TO HELL.

[Jake Copeland blows off the match as the camera fades to black]
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome to hell   Wed May 08, 2013 11:27 pm

Ooh, company rebel that wants to basically destroy said company. Interesting, man.

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Welcome to hell
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