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PostSubject: PRIME TIME: BOSTON STRONG   Tue May 07, 2013 8:18 pm

Ah, yes. The Prime Time card has finally been released.

And who am I facing at the return show in Boston? Chris Anderson. Man, it's been a while. I haven't heard that name in over a year. And after the recent events in Boston, I will promise all fans that will be attending that I, along with the rest of the NWF roster, will give you the show you rightfully deserve. Anyway, Chris decided to speak about me earlier today. First off, thank you for showing me the proper respect. My skills should be acknowledged like everyone else's. Trust me, I appreciate your kind words about me Anderson, I really do, but no matter what you say about how successful I am a wrestler, those words are thrown out when the bell rings. I have changed for the better so what you will watch in all those tapes of my matches means nothing. You're not getting out of this easy and I hope you know that otherwise, I'll have to make you realize by either knocking you out cold or snapping one of your bones in half. If I remember correctly, we have always been pitted against each other in tag matches and such but never one-on-one so you are in for quite a treat Chris, as are the fans that will be watching. Much like you and probably everyone else on the roster, I plan on making an impact and winning my matches. You're claiming that you're planning on ten titles under your belt by the end of the year though. Seriously? I really hope that you weren't serious because let's face it, with me here, no one is going to be that successful. I will make damn sure of that. If there's anyone that will be winning championships, it will be me. I don't mean to sound arrogant when I say this but there's no one else on the roster like me! No one knows some of the moves I do or can execute them even half as well as I can and I believe that will play a factor in me and Chris Anderson's match at Prime Time. I have learned many things over the time that NWF ceased to exist and Chris gets to be the first person to experience first hand what those things are. Lucky him, right? Mr. Anderson allow me to be the first to welcome you..

to the Era of the Wildman.
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