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 The Panther Is Starving...

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PostSubject: The Panther Is Starving...   Tue May 07, 2013 5:30 pm

*TLA is shown banging out to Meek Mill as he pops a molly and sweats. TLA is wearing his brand new NWF 2.0 t-shirt. TLA looks out his car window as he is driving down 13th street in Miami.

Awwwwww yea it's yo boi TLA right back where it all began. We right up in here in the 305. But more importantly we right back up here in NWF. Im on mah way to the airport right nawh cuz I got my return NWF 2.0 match ya heard? It's gonna be intense I been trainin for over a year for this and we gonna tear down tha house all the way through NWF Prime Time. The first edition of the hottest new show out NWF Prime Time is where it's at. Catch all yo favorite NWF superstars like that crazy cutting edge superstar Jacob Steele or the big man himself Chris Anderson. Whatever you are into in NWF we got it. But stay tuned cuz The Franchise gonna be way at the end all up in tha main event!!! This shit gonn make history as former NWF Champs collide as TLA goes one on one with Suicide Kid!!!

I heard what Suicide Kid had to say and he seems pumped up. He so pumped up that he actually thinks he's from Miami now. Yo SK I checked and you ain't from Miami you from Easton, Pennsylvania. I ain't got no idea where that is but it sure ain't down here in the 305. But yo Sexual Panther is down to represent Miami so if y'all want a real Miyayo native n ain't gonn want a poser like SK representin yo town then hop on da TLA bandwagon cuz we ain't got nowhere to go but up.

SK is really pumped gorgin down that pizza faster than Adam n watchin some of he old shit. I ain't never watched my old shit before. I don't care none bout the past I'm all bout that future boi. Cuz some people live in the past n they ain't able to move on. They gotta bring up all this old shit that don't even matter no more. Like my opponent Suicide Kid who went on and on bitching about how he was held back in the past cuz he was too small. Check it.

*TLA looks at himself.

Yo I might be bigger than Shrimp Kid but I ain't much bigger. N I been pretty successful mahself. I ain't got shit to complain about in mah life I been held down by the white man but I ain't complainin. I just perservere cuz that how life be. Those rules don't apply no more Shrimp Kid. We done made it successful just being who we is and we proved we can whoop all the fatass giants from Adam all the way to Chris. It ain't bout size in NWF. Except what yo girlfriend told me last night size really did matter then. But nawh nawh in all serious brah I ain't even mad that you livin' in the past or bitchin bout how you was held down. I just don't want you to use it as an excuse when I whip yo ass all over Boston. Instead y'all should focus on this "rebirth" you been talkin about so much. But to be honest I don't think this is gonna help yo problem. If you thought you was bein' held down before... just wait till you are reborn. When we got an infant fresh outta the womb in the ring just imagine how tough its gonna be when y'all throwin that afterbirth round the ring n cryin for yo crack momma who don't want you. But if yall do get reborn at least that would explain all the bitching and crying you seem to do. So go get yo ass reborn lil lion go suck on yo momma's tits and get strong cuz we ain't in Africa lil lion no more. We in NWF we in a hungry panther's jungle now. N if you ain't careful.

You gonna get ate.

*TLA arrives at the airport and steps out slamming the door behind him. It's time... NWF Prime Time.
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PostSubject: Re: The Panther Is Starving...   Wed May 08, 2013 11:28 pm

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The Panther Is Starving...
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