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 NWF's Return. Everyone's Final Judgement.

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Jacob Steele


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PostSubject: NWF's Return. Everyone's Final Judgement.   Tue May 07, 2013 4:40 pm

"This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning."

( The scene fades in to an empty bridge at night. Silence is everywhere. There's not a soul in sight. The camera zooms in closer to the bridge, the river sounds becoming clear. With the river flowing, the calming sound of the river is heard. A shadow in the distance appears and is walking closer to the camera. The closer the shadow gets, the easier it is to make out who it could be. After a couple more seconds, the shadow figure appears to be Jacob Steele. A few more seconds past, and he's a few feet from the camera. Looking out over the bridge at the river, Jacob takes a deep breathe. )

"It's sights like this that really get you thinking, 'How was this formed?' This is what I call natural beauty. There's nothing else like it. The way the river sounds. The look of it with the night sky on top of it. It's breathtaking."

( Jacob slowly starts walking across the bridge. )

"Last time I was in front of an NWF camera was quite some time ago. NWF was falling and I was being placed in matches that were just absolutely stupid. Things changed after I won the NWF No Limit Championship. It's like, NWF management disliked me. I lost the Championship 93 days after winning it, then nothing was the same. I left here, only to come back not too long later. I even stated that I couldn't stay away from here, no matter how hard I tried. There's something about NWF that keeps me here. Maybe because my career started taking off here? No matter what the reason is, I'm back, and so is NWF. After a long hiatus, NWF makes it's return this Sunday with a new show called Prime Time. The main event is between two former NWF Champions, Suicide Kid and TLA. That should be an interesting match. Right before the main event, is Jacob Steele vs. Jake Copeland, a man I have never faced one on one. In my return to NWF, the decision should be easy. A win for me. That simple. Jake, you're not going to stand a chance. Just a fair warning. I still have a lot of revenge I need to fulfill from things that have happened to me before I left NWF. Unfortunately for you, you're just my first target. It isn't looking too good for you at this moment. There's over a year of anger and frustration built up inside this body, just waiting, waiting to be unleashed on someone, anyone."

( He looks away in the opposite direction of the camera, looking up at the moon. He takes another deep breath. )

"Before my mindset changed about NWF, I was on top of the world. I was rising in the rankings, I was Champion. No one could stop me. And then Mike Adamle came into the picture. The bastard took my career from me, because he thought I didn't want to be here. He made me look like a fool in front of everyone. He was playing me the whole time. He opened my eyes and made me realize something. You just can't trust anyone in a business like this. No one can be trusted. You have to fend for yourself at all costs. That is what I will be doing for the best of my wrestling career. No longer will I trust anyone. No longer will I be someone's slave and do all their dirty work for them. I am my own man. I am Jacob Steele. The Sadistic Serpent. The Venomous Cobra. I dont' take any commands from anyone. I'm a lone wolf. I obliterate anyone and everyone that gets in my way of achieving my goals, my dreams. Jake Copeland.."

( Jacob laughs. He turns around and looks at the camera. He closes his eyes and forms a grin on his face. A couple seconds later he opens them, and his eyes change to a dark red color. )

"I warned you, Jake. Don't say I didn't. You're in an unfortunate position that you can't get out of. There's no running, no hiding. All you can do is just wait and pray that I don't break every single bone in your body. It's about that time. I'll see you soon."

( The camera starts fading away. )

"Jake, you're standing in my way. Just know.. Sunday at Prime Time.. It will be.. Your.. FINAL.. JUDGEMENT!"

( The camera fades to black with Jacob laughing. )

NWF Record: 2-0
Road To Gold Standing: 1st (+4)

NWF Achievements
- NWF No Limit Champion (93 Days)
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PostSubject: Re: NWF's Return. Everyone's Final Judgement.   Wed May 08, 2013 11:29 pm

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NWF's Return. Everyone's Final Judgement.
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