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 Prime time Is My Time

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PostSubject: Prime time Is My Time    Tue May 07, 2013 4:25 pm

Finally NWF has returned and I can honestly say it feels good to be able to be back home. I always felt like this place was the best and now I will be leading NWF In it's climb to the top. People see guys like TLA and SK and expect them to be the the face of this reincarnation of NWF and I laugh at those people. Sure they are two Hall Of Famer's and two cornerstones in the history of not just NWF but wrestling in general but that is the past and this is now. I know for a fact the me from the old NWF is long gone and the new me has to prove that I was the diamond in the ruff in the last NWF I was overlooked and left out of big matches and still manged to be one title away from being a triple crown champion. Now for some of you who might be wondering why did I change my name, don't get me wrong I will always be Snagz but I chose to be called by my actual name Roderick Richards. People took Snagz as a joke they thought I was some type of game and I never received the credit that I deserved or the respect that I deserved. That ends now Roderick will be respected I will get the recognition i deserve for being one of the greatest wrestlers to ever step foot in a NWF ring.

I don't get how somebody could be so accomplished in a company and never even be compensated with a NWF title shot this time I won't just keeps waiting I'm going get my shot by any means any man who steps in that ring with me will feel the same disappointment I felt the same discouragement, starting with the Justin Douglas kid. I understand Justin you're probably a young kid just looking for a chance to make a name for yourself and that's all good and well but dude you got the wrong guy on the wrong night. I will do nothing short of dominate this match from bell to bell leaving you in the middle of that ring asking yourself why. I'm more focused more determined and I'm 10 times better than I was the last time I stepped in a NWF ring.

And so our night dawns and we take the stage the night in which we look to reign supreme in this company. One man can only stand victorious and that man will simply be me and once I do, you and everyone else in the company will no that this is my time now. I will not be denied what I call my ‘destiny’ and I can will not be denied my place as greatest competitor to ever step into a NWF ring. Mark my words , victory will be mine and a new era will dawn upon the NWF and all of the wrestling world and it all starts with you Justin.
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PostSubject: Re: Prime time Is My Time    Wed May 08, 2013 11:29 pm

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Prime time Is My Time
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