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 The Rebirth...

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Suicide Kid


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PostSubject: The Rebirth...   Tue May 07, 2013 2:15 am

*Suicide Kid is shown in his home in Miami Florida at his dinner table having a slice of pizza while watching some of his old NWF work as he pauses the video smirks and begins to speak*

Man it's been a while hasn't it? This place was where I broke out and became a star. This place allowed me to go other places and do well. This place is where my name was known throughout the world this is why I got to tour Europe and Japan and wrestle all over the world. Once I heard we were having a rebirth I had to come back to show my loyalty. But with that being said I have done it all here. I have won title after title after title and award after award. I was even in the 2011 Hall of Fame. 2011 was indeed the year of Suicide Kid and it would of been every year if I wasn't held back... Now I wasn't held back because of me see I was always an elite wrestler I was always the kick ass guy I am now. But I was to small and to skinny to do anything I was over looked because of guys like Mr.Metal and Drew Stevenson but then I decided not to wait in line anymore and let these people steal the spotlight I deserved so very much. So I took a stand. It all began at Pride Before The Fall straight cash ladder match. See something always happens when I won that briefcase. Something always occurred and of course when I won it again Blade ran down on his return day and he stole the spot light from me he stole everything from me including the straight cash briefcase. I couldn't let that happen I couldn't seem like a pansy so I avenged myself at Retribution. I took back what was mine in probably one of the best matches NWF has ever had. Me and Blade put on a show near fall after near fall finisher after finisher until I finally came out ontop and I won my briefcase.

So the following Onslaught as we used to call it. With the help of Danny and Shawn I cashed in my briefcase. And I won the title I have been fighting for since I stepped foot in NWF. THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP. After years of struggle I finally won it but of course no one agreed with the way I won it. I was looked down upon as the enemy because I cashed in on the oh so great TLA. So I joined the Domino Effect and we became the most dominant group NWF has ever had. We owned NWF more then Mike Adamle did we had all the titles. Fast forward a little bit more and I am not a 3 time NWF champ. I was doing everything. I won my first elimination chamber match. I beat my former partner Mr.Metal and TLA in the same match. But NWF was coming to it's dying years. I thought I would atleast have the chance to go out with a bang me vs Punisher for both of my titles The Pure and World Heavyweight for his career. But NWF died it faded away and I left to do my own things at other places. I made an impact every where I went but not as big as the one I made in NWF and now that it's back I am happier then ever so many old faces. This place has become a jungle again and of course as I always have been I am the King of it. I am the lion and these guys are hyenas trying to take me off my thrown and it will never happen. I look forward to the return of NWF on Prime Time... It should be a good one. Well that's it for now the Young Lion has spoken until next time folks..

*camera fades*
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Chris Anderson


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PostSubject: Re: The Rebirth...   Tue May 07, 2013 6:49 am

Very good promo 9/10
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PostSubject: Re: The Rebirth...   Wed May 08, 2013 11:30 pm

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PostSubject: Re: The Rebirth...   

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The Rebirth...
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