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 People Lie, Numbers Won't: Part 1 [ONSLAUGHT AFTERMATH/PROMO 1-SHORT]

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PostSubject: People Lie, Numbers Won't: Part 1 [ONSLAUGHT AFTERMATH/PROMO 1-SHORT]   Sun Mar 25, 2012 11:11 pm

"Did you see that? DID YOU? What did i say i was going to do? retire Adam Aries. What did i do? RETIRE. ADAM. ARIES. I retired the self proclaimed best in the world. Who's better than me right now? I'd like to know. It sure isn't this rookie that comes in reeking of failure, Code Phenomenal. Number one, who the hell is that? Number two, who the hell does he think he is? I've done nothing for NWF, MY ASS. I have raised this shithole's ratings every week. It wouldn't be surprising for you to say that though Mr. "Phenomenal". I know your kind. You're just like every other rookie that walks in here. If you're such a big shot, then shut your damn mouth and prove it. I've proved it each and every week including tonight. I hope you were watching that closely..very closely. Because what happened to Adam Aries? That's you in a week minus the firing. There's no point in introducing yourself to everyone Code because in two weeks time you'll be a nobody. Everyone will forget about you. I've lost twice in my whole NWF career. Those two got lucky. You aren't any different from the rest of them, i can tell..coming in like George Copeland two point zero, you don't impress me and i'm damn sure you won't impress anyone else. I'm going to Breakdown to win Straight Cash. It is my destiny. It's about time the spotlight is focused on me and no one is going to ruin it for me. I'm a kiss ass? Well, if there's one thing i'll be kissing it'll be the Straight Cash briefcase after i win it. I'm gonna send you packing back to Georgia with the rest of the failures. If NWF needs somebody new and refreshing to be the face, to represent, it's me. I have only been here 3 months or so and already held the Pure title and be the most talked about. If you really cared about the people of the NWF universe, you would quit right now. You can save yourself and everyone else the sickening torture of seeing you wrestle. If you look at all the names that could be possibly put into the Straight Cash match, you'll see a fine line. A fine line of good but not great wrestlers. If you look even farther, even closer, you'll see a fine line of men who are getting in line to kiss my feet after i win a World title shot. Let's not get too ahead of ourselves here though. To celebrate my win tonight and my plans for the future, i'm going to see the Hunger Games with my beautiful girlfriend, one much better than yours if you have one which i highly highly doubt, and that reminds me of you Code Phenomenal. This sunday, may the odds be ever..in your favor!"
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People Lie, Numbers Won't: Part 1 [ONSLAUGHT AFTERMATH/PROMO 1-SHORT]
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