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 Code Phenomenal Has Arrived to NWF!

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Code Phenomenal


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PostSubject: Code Phenomenal Has Arrived to NWF!   Sun Mar 25, 2012 8:43 pm

Hello everyone, my name is Code Phenomenal, in case you were wondering.. and just about an hour ago, I signed an NWF contract, and now, next week, I have my first ever match in this company, and I am facing who? I am facing Jepha. Now, as a young boy, I was training for things like this.. and I've been training to become a wrestler, and the day has come that I am finally in the big leagues.

I am finally here in NWF, but my first match is against a guy who has done nothing for this place! What has Jepha done ever since being in this company, besides being a kiss ass? He's done exactly nothing, but don't call me a hypocrite, i am new to this company. I haven't had my chance to shine. I haven't had a match yet, but I assure you, that once I get the chance of a life time, I promise to believe to these fans! I promise you that I will most certainly beat Jepha this Sunday on Onslaught, and move onto the biggest stage in the world. I will move onto the grandest, the biggest stage this world has ever seen.. the place where legends, superstars, warriors.. were LEGENDS are made! I will be moving onto Breakdown IV, and I will be entering the Straight Cash Ladder Match! I am going to be facing around five other undeserving men for a match that is already won! I am going to be going into this match, and when it's over, when Breakdown is over.. Code Phenomenal will be walking out with the Straight Cash Briefcase!

Let me tell you about who I am.. and what i stand for. I am a bright young man who was born and raised in Georgia by two amazing parents that everyone in this world would want as their own. Now, I also love people.. I am a peoples person. I speak the truth, and I love to watch sports. I am here to do what is right for the people, and to do what is right for myself. I am here to save the people from people like Jepha, people like Suicide Kid.. it's honestly time to see a new face on top of this company. Suicide Kid as the World Champion is not working out.. so it's time to see a new person on top of this company! It's time to see a new face, a new brand... it's time for fresh young talent, and that is exactly what I am when you look into my eyes!

When Breakdown is over, there is going to be a new face, and that face is going to be ME! I am going to stand on top of that ladder, raise my hand high above my head, and I will have that briefcase above my head, and a future world championship shot under my belt! You haven't see the first, or the last of me, yet... NWF!
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Code Phenomenal Has Arrived to NWF!
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