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 Onslaught #2: Look it up

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Suicidal VIP


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PostSubject: Onslaught #2: Look it up   Thu Mar 22, 2012 10:37 pm

(Suicidal VIP is walking backstage after a house show and is stopped by Gloria to get an interview.)

VIP: Do you still work here?

GM: Umm, yeah.

VIP: Well what do you want? I am a busy man and you are wasting my time.

GM: How do you feel about what Chris Anderson said about you?

VIP: Really you are going to approach me with that? Anyway I honestly don’t care, his return is not going to mean two pennies. Now I can respect that fact he is a smart man by acknowledging my advanced ability, but as far as I am concern he is still a NWFAILURE. His return in definition was nothing more for another member on this roster who I can say I am plainly better than. The reason I didn’t know you left and come back was because it’s not that important to me, unless it has to pertain to me and my situation I could careless what goes on in this company. Well since you have been gone for a bit, you may not remember who I am, just call me NWF’s Resident VIP. I do not need to research about my opponents accomplishment, just his ability and far a man who bragged about training for a matchup, it looks like the most workout you get is rewinding your opponents matches while you sit on the couch eating Twinkies. However due to your request I did go and do a little research on you, and I have to say you have let yourself go, you used to be the strongest wrestlers around, and now you are walking around wearing jump suits because that is the only thing that fits you.

VIP: Is that is?

GM: Don’t you have something to say to Adam Jackson?

VIP: Adam or as I like to call you runner up, enjoy your last few moments with your hardcore championship, because pretty soon it is going to be sitting pretty around my waist. Now get out of my way slut. I have a shower to take and no that wasn’t an invitation for you to join me, I don’t want to catch anything.

(VIP walks off and the crowd can be heard booing in the arena.)
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PostSubject: Re: Onslaught #2: Look it up   Fri Mar 23, 2012 6:59 pm

no wonder you're on a losing streak..

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Onslaught #2: Look it up
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