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 What the hell's your source? {Onslaught I}

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Chris Anderson


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PostSubject: What the hell's your source? {Onslaught I}   Wed Mar 21, 2012 8:15 pm

( The camera pans around a jam packed NWF House Show in Baltimore, Maryland! The fans are on their feet as the official Breakdown 4 theme song, International Love, is playing over the loud speakers! The music is abruptly interrupted by Chris Anderson’s music! A mixed reaction is heard from the Baltimore crowd! Chris Anderson walks down the ramp, and climbs the steel steps into the ring. He has a microphone in hand. )

Chris Anderson: Damn it sure is nice to be back.

( The crowd begins to chant ‘Welcome back!’ )

Chris Anderson: Now I know that there is a lot of speculation as to why I screwed Adam Aries over. I don’t have anything personal against Adam, that’s not the reason. The reason is, I needed to make an impact fast. I mean for real, how many of you were expecting me to return at Assault? My guess is none of you. The entire wrestling world was shocked when I returned. I needed to show the NWF management that I mean business. And I guess they got the message.

Chris Anderson: Later on that night, I received a text message from a board member. He told me that I had been booked in a triple threat match for the Hardcore Championship against Suicidal VIP and Adam Jackson. Adam Jackson is the champion, and I think that he is a dark horse champion. Meaning that he is one of those people who you don’t really hear from, and is still able to pull out victories. You never hear this man on the microphone; he likes to express his words in the ring. Which is fine, I completely respect that. Hell, if this wasn’t a title match, I would almost go easy on you. But since this IS a title match, let’s just say your odds of winning are slim to none. Now Adam Jackson isn’t really a threat to me, I mean sure he is the NWF Hardcore champion, but I just feel like I could easily defeat him any day of the week.

Chris Anderson: Now Suicidal VIP is a good wrestler, but I don’t know where he gets his facts. He says that he can’t remember the last time I won a match. He also said that he didn’t even know that I was in the fed still. Really bro? Where the hell have you been, under a rock? I wasn’t in the fed for the past two or three months. Maybe that’s a reason why I haven’t won a match in a while? And for real, I have accomplished way more than you have bro. I am a Triple Crown and a Grand Slam champion. And if that isn’t enough, I am a former NWF United States, Pure, International, No Limit, and World Heavyweight champion. Maybe before you start talking shit about me, you look over the facts, okay?

Chris Anderson: Now listen, this is not the last time you will hear from me. I am running on a short schedule because unlike the both of you, I work out and prepare for my matches. But I just want to warn you that I am more prepared for this match than I have ever been in my life for any other match. But I guess only time will tell…

( A loud thump is heard as Anderson drops the microphone on the ground. The scene fades to black. )
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What the hell's your source? {Onslaught I}
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