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 Onslaught #1: Restart

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PostSubject: Onslaught #1: Restart   Mon Mar 19, 2012 3:03 am

*Suicidal is in the locker room after the Gates of Hell match wiping the blood from his face*

Not again no, not again, this cannot be happening, what the fuck is going on with me, my career? I am clearly the best, it is plain to see by everyone, yet I haven’t won a single fucking match ever since they changed the shows name back to Onslaught. I have lost nearly ten matches in a row, ten really ten; I am beginning to think that God is punishing me for being so talented and good looking. How have I sunk this low?

Gates of Hell was a complete disaster I lost to the leader of all the NWFAILURES Suicide Kid. I had him beat plenty of times, but he just refused to stay down, he must have had some sort of divine intervention before that match, because the things I put his body through he should be hospitalized let alone walking around the NWF World Heavyweight and Pure Champion.

Well here is a message to my opponents next week Adam Jackson and Chris Anderson I am clearly in a dangerously bad state of mind right now. You should fear for your lives, because you will be entering the realm of suicidal, where weapons reign supreme and rules are non-existent. Adam I am going to make your title reign short, nothing is too much at this point. I am going to walk out the Hardcore Champion, regardless of how much you two want to win, regardless of how much pain I was put through today, despite this losing streak I am experiencing right now I am going to walk in their with the same inspiring confidence as the first day I walked into a New-Age Wrestling Federation ring. You can talk all you want this week and your words will be meaningless, that Hardcore title has my name on it and on Onslaught I am going to claim it.

Chris I am surprised you are still here. I may be on a losing streak, but I can’t ever you winning even one match, ever. I can’t even remember you coming close, not a near fall, or almost making your opponent tap. To be tell the whole truth I had forgotten you were still in this company. I thought they took out the trash, but nope here you are still standing in my way pretending to be a threat.

Adam I have proven over our time in this company that I am plainly superior to you, period while you went on to somehow win that title I was seconds away from becoming the world champion, in fact this match is beneath me, but I need an easy win to get out of the losing streak I am in so I will use you and Chris as a launch pad out this funk. Jackson you may have been on a roll lately, but come Onslaught it comes to a stretching halt.

The man you know as VIP is soon to return. In one week I will once again be the best champion on the NWF roster.
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Onslaught #1: Restart
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