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 What separates me from you. [ONSLAUGHT AFTERMATH]

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PostSubject: What separates me from you. [ONSLAUGHT AFTERMATH]   Sun Mar 11, 2012 7:17 pm

Did you see what i did out there? I did EXACTLY what i said i was going to do. I beat those inarticulate fools and left them in a pool of their own blood JUST how i said i would. They made the decision to look down on me and see me as me being under them so they said nothing like cowards and who were the ones with their arm raised in victory? Me and Hass Johnson. It doesn't matter who cheers, it doesn't matter who guest hosts, gets caught with DUI, writes a letter to their congressmen, or´╗┐ politics for you backstage in between snorting a line of coke - No offense Stryker - I am still the BEST this company has to offer right now. I am rising through the ranks like a kite. No one in the back can compare to me and that's fact. Not Adam Aries, not Suicide Kid, Not Steve, not even TLA. NOBODY. I never claimed to be the best in the world but i am in fact the best out of everyone else in this dump and i prove it every night just like i say i will. We got horses eating their own crap on national television every damn week because of me. I practically bury them six feet under. I am not trying to brag but i won the Pure title in my SECOND match. How many people can win such a high prestige championship like that on their first try? ME that's who. I beat the shit out of those two faster than you can count the abs on my body. Why? Because i'm Jepha that's why! Adam Jackson and Jacob Steele will have that dark cloud hanging over their heads for the rest of their life because they just got treated by one of the best to ever step into that ring. I am not the american average and that's what separates me..from YOU!
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What separates me from you. [ONSLAUGHT AFTERMATH]
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