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 I Don't Really Care

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PostSubject: I Don't Really Care   Sat Mar 10, 2012 4:21 pm

Spitta is sitting down at his house with cameras circle around him. He's sitting down on a chair drinking a bottle of water and looking up to the camera as he begins to speak.

"Really? Again? I don't know why I keep getting put into these tag team matches. I'm not a tag team superstar nor do I want to be. It's okay though, I went from house show card to main event status in one week. Less then a month being here I'm in the main event of Assault and also headlining the event. No big deal though guys, I'm more focused on this weeks duty. Taking out Steven Swagg and Adam Aries. I mean, being completely honest, what kind of name is Steven Swagg? I bet the kid is some closeted redneck that tries to act gangster and still listens to music like Plies. It's okay though, you can have your little fantasy about living that life when I whoop your ass in the ring. No big deal really, I don't really care. When I make promises, I live up to them. I make them happen with no regrets. I'm one of the best stars in NWF and you can simply see that I'm the most exciting because of the matches I've been in and the main event status I achieved in one week.. ONE WEEK. Who's done that? Nobody. I'm the real deal here, and I will become NWF World Champion someday..... And that someday is soon. Watch out NWF, I'm coming for your neck."

Spitta is shown getting up and showing the camera and the people at home his illustrious trophy case.

"Yeah, you can call me an accomplished collegiate wrestler, I guess. But again, no big deal there. My other opponent.. Adam.. Aries? Does this guy even try to wrestle anymore? He pretty much just hovers around this company and tries to get in a match when he can. It's whatever though, the kid is no match to me nor is his butt buddy Steven I'mARedneck Swagg. It's not a big deal I get placed into these type of matches just shows how versatile of a wrestler that I am. I don't really care about my opponents, but I do care about this match and the W me and my partner are gonna get, whatever his name is. I'm gonna get the victory and win that match at Assault. I WILL be your world champion people, I WILL be your world champion. I just repeated that to make you guys know the fact that I'm not joking around. I take this shit very seriously. Sure, I party and shit also but the NWF company is my company and the world championship is my task, something I gave to myself a while back when joining this company.. And the other thing was main eventing the NWF one day, but hey look at me I did that in a week. I mean, my NWF career isn't that illustrious.. Yet. But it's getting there. I mean I went from House Show main event beating some random kid to a world championship match where I got screwed over, AND gave the champion a run for his money. If I put forth all my effort, NWF is mine for the taking. No big deal though, you guys will have an exciting superstar as world champion and not some boring fuck who kisses ass. I let my wrestling do the talking. We'll see guys, we will fucking see when Assault comes around the corner in a couple weeks. I'll make my impact in that match and do whatever it takes to become World Champion, mark my words but this company is gonna be headlined.... BY ME. We'll see though guys, we'll see. I'm not gonna go easy at all anymore, and leave my heart in that ring. This is a promise, I will become the face of NWF and be the best champion I can be when I get that chance to become World Champion.. Again. Rejice every time you see me in that ring, I'm going to make NWF the most memorable wrestling company in history with my great in ring technique and the whole show will be around me. Just watch NWF fans. Myself, Spitta Andretti, is no joke. Don't take me too lightly, NWF is my home, NWF is my company, NWF is my life."

Spitta sits back down and looks into the camera. He gets some last few words in and makes it short.

"Be ready you two, nothing really needs to be said here as I'm closing this short because I don't give a damn. Be ready come Onslaught."

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I Don't Really Care
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