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 Onslaught 2: Luck

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PostSubject: Onslaught 2: Luck   Sat Mar 10, 2012 8:23 am

Contradicting is a form of weakness Adam. During your promo you praised me at one point and showed respect and then just five seconds later you regarded my victory over you as a cheap shot…

You see that’s where you are completely wrong Adam, a cheap shot is a chance taken without thought, a cheap shot is cashing in a briefcase when the man is down, but my chance was planned out, I mulled over every possible outcome that night at survival, I looked at what my options where in the chance I got beaten and that option was you. I knew you would not expect it, I knew you would be too shallow minded to sense the danger and my thoughts proved right. Wrestling is not all about how you perform in the ring Adam, it consists of game planning, studying opponents, mike skills and most importantly believing in yourself and I believe I will be a double champion at breakdown.

These last few months have had up and downs, but mostly ups and the feeling I have been experiencing lately has been one of sheer elation. The run of destruction I have been on has brought the fire back to the NWF; it has brought NWF out of its wilderness and carried it towards stardom. NWF will thrive under my talent and leadership, not you or any other man backstage can stop me because all scenarios lead to me being the king of the throne, they lead to me being on top for the unforeseeable future and you will soon learn this.

NWF craves a man who can lead it to glory, who can make it the biggest selling brand in wrestling entertainment and to do this the board of directors have to keep me sweet because since my return I am the only man who has showed heart and desire to become better than the best and this Sunday you will finally feel my wrath. There will be no running or hiding this time Adam, I am coming to take everything you have worked for, everything you have put your life at risk for and I will leave you drained, your wrestling career will be no more after I’m done with you.

I don’t need luck Adam, all I need is my two hands, my two feet and my brain then you will see why they call me the machine. You don’t hold any advantage over me Adam and it will show dramatically. So if anyone needs luck or a miracle Adam, ITS YOU…
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Onslaught 2: Luck
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