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 NWF Onslaught Promo 1: Setting Fire To the Ring

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Suicide Kid


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PostSubject: NWF Onslaught Promo 1: Setting Fire To the Ring   Tue Mar 06, 2012 11:35 pm

*Suicide Kid is shown backstage wearing a Blink 182 T Shirt a Jepha Bandana and black jeans he smirks and begins to speak*

Suicide Kid: Jepha..Jepha..Jepha funny how things change once you get to the top. I remember we were "friends" but then I found out you used me to get to the top of the ladder to get higher in ranks and it worked but I will lower you back down to where you began. I brough you into the wrestling world and I can take you out faster then I brought you in. Jepha you screwed over the wrong man you must pay for what you have done and you will. You wanted a war you wanted to be in mainstream fued well guess what now you are. And you will regret this so very much in the near future Jepha right now you have 1 win in this war but soon I will have 5 and you will stay with that one win. To bad that one was a sneak attack and all mine will be straight up ass whoopings that you will never forget Jepha I remember when you were the kid sitting backstage for his match jamming to Blink 182 and not a bit of cockyness in you but now you just transformed into this egotistical bastard who thinks he owns everything. But I am going to make sure you go back to that kid you once were in the past.

*Suicide Kid rips off the bandana and the Blink 182 shirt and spits on them and smirks*

Suicide Kid: Now onto something that matters me winning the Pure title once again oh by the way George I told you so! But really onto the Battle Royal taking place Sunday on Onslaught for the number 6 spot in the Gates Of Hell match. I really don't need the number 6 spot in this match either way I am winning and becoming the NWF World Heavyweight Champion and Pure Champion I can be the first entrant and still win because thats what I do win. I am going to Headline Breakdown as the NWF World Heavyweight Champion against either Adam or Punisher either way I am winning. I am the Charlie Sheen of NWF all I do is win matter of fact the only times I lost is because of bitchy sneak attacks from Jepha or others. Just because I don't wanna seem like an idiot and lose on Onslaught I am going to win this match and I am going to be the sixth entrant eliminate everyone whos still in and be announced the 3 time NWF Champion. I am not called the best in the world for no reason. I back up what I say everyday. Assault is only 2 weeks away the night where I regain whats rightfully mine is only 2 weeks away. But before I go I have to talk about something well more like someone Francis Mcdaniels. See you fucked up when you said 5 rookies because last time I checked I came to NWF before you and I won the title so your the rookie kid. So next time get your facts straight. Steve is no rookie either and last time I checked 5 isn't being double teamed because I am pretty sure double teamed means by two people but thanks for trying to hurt me. Well until next time later everyone.

*Camera Fades*
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PostSubject: Re: NWF Onslaught Promo 1: Setting Fire To the Ring   Tue Mar 06, 2012 11:48 pm

I respect the effort you put into this especially since no one else is taking this match seriously I am taking the Demo approach on Efeds not wasting my time on weekly shows as long as I am champion you got this win in the bag.
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NWF Onslaught Promo 1: Setting Fire To the Ring
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