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PostSubject: ONSLAUGHT PROMO 1: LIKE VIOLENCE   Mon Mar 05, 2012 7:55 pm

Jepha's theme hits and the crowd gives a mixed reaction; a lot of boo's and a few cheers. He smugly walks to the ring like he owns the damn place even though we haven't seen him for about two weeks and enters the ring, new attire and all and grabs a microphone.

"I've seen your tweets, your facebook messages, ect. "Where is Jepha?", "What happened to Jepha?" WELL..I injured my ankle in the Survival match, a while ago i know but it wasn't affecting me that much until two weeks ago which is the actual reason why i took off so i went to get it checked out. Sprained ankle, nothing big. Like the man i am, i came back at least 3 weeks early than i was supposed to and here i am..standing in front of all of you. I am risking further injury but i fall on my head for a living so why the fuck not. Now, you all know that me and oh my god, SUICIDE KID aren't on the best of terms. I'm not gonna go on about how i've hated him since the day i walked through the door of this company, i'm not gonna go on about how his prime has long passed him, i'm not gonna go on about when i potentially costed him the world title at Survival.. because it all comes back to the same question: Why? WHY do i hate Suicide Kid? WHY did i cost him a world title match after all he's done for me? NEWSFLASH! I'm not here to make friends. I figured all of you dummies would realize that. This isn't a damn play date, this is an actual job so unless you want to be in debt and have your house foreclosed, you gotta do what you gotta do. You know the saying right? "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer"? I have in fact USED Suicide Kid to get higher up in the ranks. I've been working hard and pretending getting along with everyone so well, management thought i was their next poster boy. Thing is, i will not represent such a company with a spot monkey like Suicide Kid. That's all he is, a spot monkey. He has no real ability.. Surprising isn't it? As for me, i am a much better athlete and i go out there and prove it every week, that i am no joke. Suicide Kid is just a wannabe Jack Evans. Here's a reality check for ya, Kid, YOU AREN'T JACK EVANS AND YOU WILL NEVER BE BETTER THAN ME! I don't give a rat's ass how long you've been in this company or how much dick you've sucked to get to this point in your career because either way, i'm going to END you. No one wants to see you here and i will make sure that they don't, you say you got plans for me or that you're gonna kick my ass or something. Ha, you wish. You couldn't beat me on my worst day! That is just how pathetic you are sir. Your days are numbered. Now i can go on for hours about how much of a disgrace you are to NWF but i won't. I'm going to prove that i'm better than you next time that card says Jepha versus Suicide Kid anywhere on it..and after i beat you and leave you a mess in the middle of that ring, it all goes back to that one worded question."

Jepha clears his throat and looks out at the crowd before rising the mic up to his mouth once again.

"Now onto more important things like..my tag match at Onslaught! If i am correct, i am teaming with Hass Johnson and facing Jacob Steele and Adam Jackson. Me and Hass, we get along so no problems there. I'm a nice guy so trust me i won't annihilate Steele and Jackson like i will Suicide Kid but why in the hell should that mean i don't injure them? Unlike most people who are teamed up with each other, i know that me and Hass can put aside any differences like professionals and again unlike most dysfunctional teams, WIN. I know Steele well. He was one of the guys i beat to get the Pure title, matter of fact but Adam Jackson? Who the hell is that? Never heard the name before and the rest of you probably won't after i'm done with him. He is nothing more than a name on a show card. Steele can make all the name changes or change his appearance he wants but i am still not intimidated. The both of you can rant about how i am ignorant, stupid; the list goes on and on but it doesn't make a difference. I back up my words and that is what is different between me the half of the roster. Before the match: blah blah blah. After the match: where am i and what the hell happened? It's the same thing every week with some of you. I mean the only real competition out of this whole company that i have is Steve, maybe Spitta, TLA, possibly, POSSIBLY Adam Aries, maybe even my partner for Hell's sake but that's it. The rest of you are nothing just like Jacob and Adam Jackson. They will be made examples of by me and Hass together just to show you how pathetic they are and how you have much better men to pay attention to then whimps like them. This is a whole new age of superstars coming in and how turned off would they be to see fools like Steele, Jackson or SK jumping and falling around the ring? I am a PRIME example of a great wrestler, much better than old idiots that think they still got it like Demo. Every aspiring wrestler in the CROWDS should be looking up to me. I should be on the programs, the cups, the damn posters but of course i can't with talentless scum taking up my spotlight. Sunday, i will show everyone just exactly what i am made of and how much this company needs someone like me but until management figures that out, good luck with losers and drug addicts headlining free pay-per-views."

Jepha drops the microphone and exits the ring with a cocky grin before the screen fades to black.
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PostSubject: Re: ONSLAUGHT PROMO 1: LIKE VIOLENCE   Mon Mar 05, 2012 9:48 pm

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PostSubject: Re: ONSLAUGHT PROMO 1: LIKE VIOLENCE   Tue Mar 06, 2012 12:04 am

i like ponies
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PostSubject: Re: ONSLAUGHT PROMO 1: LIKE VIOLENCE   Tue Mar 06, 2012 12:05 am

im eating
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