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 Onslaught 1 - Sin City

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PostSubject: Onslaught 1 - Sin City   Mon Mar 05, 2012 5:57 pm

Las Vegas is a city known for its nightlife and casino’s, it’s a place where many people make sins, hence the nickname. It’s a place where whatever takes place during your time in it; it tends to remain a secret. It’s a place where all those bright lights and flowing champagne make it a stunning spectacle, but this Sunday a dark cloud will gather above, this Sunday all those who have sinned will be executed, this Sunday will be the demise of all those who have gone against me and this Sunday will spend the end of a talentless individual in Adam Aries.

Do you think I care that you made out with that slut Adam, I know exactly what she is like and it doesn’t affect me in the slightest, I used her as a receptacle to do my dirty deed to and if you want my sloppy seconds then you are more than welcome. She will be happier with you anyway. She tends to go more for the back seat type men, she couldn’t handle me. She couldn’t handle the fact wrestling was more important than her, she couldn’t handle the fact that I was more focused on my wrestling and training than her smelly ass and I know she will feel right at home with a talentless moron like you.

The fact that you have actually gotten this far in your career is nothing short of a disgrace. Every time I have stepped face to face with you, you have backed off time and time again. You always back down when the going is tough Adam, you always run away when there is someone better than you breathing down you neck, but this Sunday in Nevada there will be no running, there will be no hiding and you will finally have to stand in that ring with me and go toe to toe with the real future of this company. Tag team or no tag team you will eventually have to get in that ring with me and if I have to drag you in, I will.

If I have to tear your limbs off one by one just to get a shot at you I will Adam because as I have said before when I seek to give out a beating, I don’t wait around, I don’t sit back and wait for the bait, I go out there and I hunt. I am a hungry wolf Adam, I am a hunter and I’m coming to get what I deserve. Not you or any other maggot backstage will stop me from my quest and that includes my tag partner Spitta.

Now don’t get me wrong, I give my tag partner huge credit for his remarkable rise in such a short space of time, but this Sunday is a one off, this Sunday I will be friendly with this man and that’s it. After we win the match and that bell sounds all friendliness will be thrown out the window and I will be looking to get to the Promised Land before him.
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Onslaught 1 - Sin City
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