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 Onslaught Promo 1: My Time

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Suicide Kid


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PostSubject: Onslaught Promo 1: My Time   Sat Mar 03, 2012 12:57 am

Suicide Kid: George Copeland I am so tired of you and you trying to say everyone is trying to be you when there not. I mean who wants to me a whining complaining bitch who makes up exuses about why he lost. Ranting and bitching about a conspricy going on in NWF against you your not that important to the company this is your first main event since what show? I don't even think you main evented a main show only house shows just proves your not shit and never will be George. George you got laid out by a jobber Steven Swagg he laid you out and you didn't do shit and you won't this week the pure championship is leaving your waist and is going to be on mine George see I was Pure champion when NWF actually had talent like Seth Skyfire or Mr.Metal or Danny I was defending against people like those while your defending against the likes of Suicidal VIP? And Steven Swagg George your a joke there is no conspricy and never was ok? Ok. See I will give you a little preview of Assault and what will happen in the Gates Of Hell match. Because in this match you indeed are in hell your in a ring and a chamber with no where to go with 5 other men who can't wait to get there hands on you and I am one of them. George Onslaught that title of yours will be coming home to papi. The Pure title will go back to someone who is actually a pure wrestler and not stay on the waist of someone who is pure SHIT! Steven Swagg as for you I want you to know I'm not George Copeland I am better and you won't attack me and get away with it because if you lay one hand on me you will end up in a coffin I swear. Onslaught I will get whats mine the NWF PURE lCHAMPIONSHIP! I will not be stopped Breakdown is soon and I will go in there as Pure Champion and NWF World Heavyweight Champion.

*Suicide Kid takes a deep breath*

Suicide Kid: And Jepha I have something for you Sunday a little "suprise" I guess you can call it and its not a good one either you wanna screw me over ok be like that but I won't let you get away with it your day will come Jepha and that day is Sunday see you then.
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Onslaught Promo 1: My Time
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