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 By Any Means

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PostSubject: By Any Means   Thu Mar 01, 2012 9:20 pm

Spitta is shown sitting in the middle of the ring. A microphone in his hand, a live broadcast all over the world where many NWF fans can see Spitta... LIVE!

"Screwed. That's what I was, screwed. I'm not gonna bullshit around and say Steve kisses ass around here, but that's exactly what I'm saying. Steve isn't the wrestler he once was, he's a washed up pathetic fool who tries to run the whole entire world behind a wrestling company as some hard ass who kisses ass. This guy gets no love, so he tries to become some random ass dictator, politician whatever category the ass clown falls in. I'm not even mad that I lost my first ever Onslaught match, I'm going to rebound this time around and beat him and that random guy who attacked me. And VIP, I haven't forgot about you.. You can wait up after I'm done clowning this chump. Steve, accept the fact that your career is nearly done. You're a useless twat around here that just gets people fed up with your bullshit antics on still reigning as world champion around here."

Spitta stands up and looks into the camera, he begins to speak again talking louder.

"Your time here is close to an end, Steve. You look up to ass clowns like Obama, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter.. Etc. When I look up to champions like Kobe Bryant, Ken Griffey Jr, Magic Johnson. A champion doesn't sleep, a champion works on getting better.. And that's what I've been doing, getting better. You sit around in your petty little office or whatever the fuck you wanna call it and think you call all the shots around here. You're not tough shit, you're not nothing special. I graze this ring with my presence, I'm taking over this company as YOUR world champion, NWF. This Steve guy is nearing the end of his little career. I mean, he'll probably stay around and become a jobber like most has beens and do whatever it takes to get back into the spotlight.. OR do what he's been doing and kiss major ass to get where he is. Typical Steve, how original you are. I'm not interested in all the fame, the glory, the money, all that shit.. I'm just interested on putting on a show for these fans, what they really deserve.. And being the world champion and claiming my throne here. I'm sick of you running around here and thinking you're the top wrestler ever. I've been in this company, what, two weeks at tops? If that. And I'm already competing against the "top star" in NWF.. two weeks in a row. You sit there and call me a jobber, yet you hide when someone calls you out and kiss anybodies ass you need to simply win a championship AND keep what is rightfully mine. I earned it, you just kiss ass."

Spitta looks around and begins to speak again.

"And VIP.. Who the fuck are you? Jealous much? You're some random kid that I don't even know that attacked me last week, for NO reason. It's not like I'm gonna back down from your pussy ass or anything, but you're a pussy for attacking me after a match and from the back. I don't really need to touch your bitchass much, simply because you're mad irrelevant. Don't panic when you get what is coming to you.... Pussy."

Spitta looks around as he begins to close out his live broadcast. He shrugs his shoulders and speaks some more.

"I've basically said everything and anything that needs to be said. Come Onslaught, I'm gonna go out there with whoever the fuck my partner is and demolish the "competition" as they say. I expect a win, but that's nothing major. I don't plan to excel in the tag team division. Whoever the hell this Jacob Steele guy is, plan to win come Onslaught, and if that means me carrying "us".. Then so be it. I'll do whatever it takes to become world champion around here, and if that means winning some random tag match with a kid I don't know, then I'll do just that. Be ready."

Spitta gets in a few last words before dropping the mic and exiting the ring.

"By ANY means I'm going to put on a show at Onslaught and get my revenge on that ass clown."

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PostSubject: Re: By Any Means   Thu Mar 01, 2012 10:15 pm

"by any means" what are you Malcolm X nice try cornhusker 0/10
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PostSubject: Re: By Any Means   Fri Mar 02, 2012 7:14 pm

smh at ppl trying to be me
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PostSubject: Re: By Any Means   

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By Any Means
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