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 Onslaught #1: Just deserts

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PostSubject: Onslaught #1: Just deserts   Thu Mar 01, 2012 4:31 am

You want to know why? You actually don’t know the reason? You have questions for me? You think you are going to get them? I attacked Steve and Spitta, because I felt like they deserved it. Do I feel remorse for them? No. Not one bit, why is it they get title shots and they get chances, yet me who is NWF’s Resident VIP get nothing, you hear that not a single thing. I’ve been losing, you want to know why? Because my opponents aren’t worthy of getting into the ring with me, let alone me giving them a competitive match, so I go in mentally half assed and get beat so mutha fucking what. If I had some decent competition, maybe I would care slightly more about the outcome. I am the great commodity that NWF has and I demand from now on they treat me as such. You thought the domino effect was dead and indeed it is, but their influence is still very much alive, I am sick of the same old people getting shot after shot, your time is up I am obviously a better superstar and your time is up, move over and allow the younger more charismatic performers into the spotlight where I belong. A roll up really? If Punisher had been doing his half of the work that wouldn’t have happened, but of course I was left 2-on-1. Like I said in the interview after the match sure I may not have got the job done that night, but come Assault you better believe the gold is leaving with me. Another reason for my attack is that you just don’t disrespect me and get away with it. Didn’t your mother ever teach you not to aggravate a wild beast Steve? You silly white people disgust me, especially people like you Steve, you think you are better than me, just because you are white, you are nothing more than a joke. Now the reason I attacked Spitta is very different he just happened to be in the wrong place. My aggression wouldn’t have been satisfied with just Steve so Spitta you were just a catalyst used to express my anger.

Next week I team with Steve to take on not only Spitta, but also another one of the NWFAILURES that this company has produced. When I look at guys like Steve, Adam Aries, Shawn Stryker and this guy Jacob Steele, I don’t understand how this company keeps allowing guys like you who leave and come back and leave and come back and leave and come back to stay at the top, it is a slap in my face when I see this constantly happening and as soon as one of you want to make a return I get pushed farther down the line and somehow you move to the top. Naw it don’t work like that no more I am taking control and saying fuck all of you. Jacob you aren’t talented you are handed everything that you thought you earned you want to know why? This company has pity on you, they see a guy who has and could not accomplish anything anywhere else and they give him a shot, then they look at guys like me who has done it all and say he can wait he’s had his chances in other places. Now you know why you return back to this place, because you know it is an instant handout. No matter how bad of terms you left on when you come back they will throw your ass a parade and give you title shot, after title shot, after title shot. NWF you want to call me an unloyal superstar, because I choose to take my talent to other places, you believe that is ground for slighting me of my hard worked deserved opportunities? Fine then I will just have to take out each and every one of the failures you have produced out until I am the only one left to give a shot to. Steele you got it all wrong this places doesn’t lack talent is just hides it true talent and allow guys like you to over-shadow us. You are a real hypocrite because you complain about guys being handed things when you are in that same exact boat. Jacob to be honest I can’t even tell you if I am going to win next week, because to tell the truth I don’t see a winner coming out of this match. I may not allow it. I may decide to do the same exact thing I did last week and take out everyone in the ring, so well see what is going to happen.
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PostSubject: Re: Onslaught #1: Just deserts   Thu Mar 01, 2012 8:55 pm

Good Good we got this in the bag 10/10
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Onslaught #1: Just deserts
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